Bosch Rexroth CERAM Valve


  • ISO Sizes I, II, III, and IV
  • Port Sizes 1/4˝, 3/8˝, 1/2˝, 3/4˝, and 1˝
  • Cv = 1.1, 2.4, 4.3, and 7.5
  • Solenoid and Air Pilot Valve Operators
  • Two and Three Positions Solenoids
  • Explosion Proof and Intrinsically Safe Solenoids
  • Expected Service Life Exceeds 150 Million Cycles
  • Working Pressures 0 to 150 PSI Max

General Information
The Ceram™ 4-way pneumatic directional control valve uses sliding ceramic plates to form a nearly perfect, indestructible seal. The plates wipe themselves clean, shrugging off ingested dirt that destroys ordinary valves. The valve is pre-lubed with grease. Its unique ceramic plate wiping action prevents wear even without line lubrication. An extensive field service testing program verifies an anticipated life of 30 million cycles under adverse conditions. The valve has an ISO 5599/1 mounting dimension so its completely interchangeable with other ISO valves.

The Ceram™ valve operates with 50 or 60 Hz service, using continuous duty plug-in solenoids with DIN 43 650 connectors and meets NEMA 4 electrical specifications for wash down applications. The valve is available with single or double air pilots operators.

There are four basic valve sizes, all meeting ISO specifications. Subplates and manifold available for 1/4˝ through 1˝ N.P.T. piping. The manifolds can be either end or bottom ported and are fastened together in stack form with a unique set-screw. No special tie rods required.

Four methods of operation. Single or double air piloted solenoids and single or double air pilots. Solenoids can be supplied with either internal or external pilot supply and single solenoids can be either metal spring or air spring return. Air pilots receive pressure from small ports in the subplate or manifolds.

For special requirements of speed or force, the Ceram™ valve can provide sandwiched flow and pressure regulator controls on sizes I and II. Sizes I and II manifolds can be connected together in one stack through the use of Jumper Plates.

The Ceram™ valve has a lasting construction with corrosion resistant materials, and finishes.

Ceram™ Valve Specifications

PRESSURE CAPABILITY - Operation: 0 to 150 PSI Pilot: 29-36 to 150 PSI
PORTS Cv and S.C.F.M.
Valve Port CV S.C.F.M
I 1/4˝, 3/8˝ 1.1 40 SCFM
II 3/8˝, 1/2˝ 2.4 86 SCFM
III 1/2˝, 3/4˝ 4.3 155 SCFM
IV 7.5 269 SCFM
MEDIA: Air and inert gases (Vacuum applications - Consult Factory)
Solenoid Valves: +5°F to +150°F (Consult Factory for lower temp. models.)
Air Pilot Valves: +5°F to +175°F (Consult Factory for lower temp. models.)


Rated Power
@ 60Hz
Size I & II
12 VDC 225 MA 225 MA 2.7 Watts
24 VDC 113 MA 113 MA 2.7 Watts
24 VAC 50/60 250 MA 154 MA 3.7 Volt-Amps
110/120 VAC 50/60 50 MA 31 MA 3.7 Volt-Amps
220/240 VAC 50/60 24 MA 15 MA 3.7 Volt-Amps
Size III & IV
12 VDC 508 MA 508 MA 6.1 Watts
24 VDC 254 MA 254 MA 6.1 Watts
110/120 VAC 50/60 129 MA 78 MA 9.4 Volt-Amps
220/240 VAC 50/60 65 MA 39 MA 9.4 Volt-Amps


Ordering Information

Rexroth_CERAM Chart

Note: Solenoid Connectors sold separately.


Part No. Description
R432015488 Single Subbase
Side Ported
3/8˝ NPT Ports
R432015314 Manifold Station Segment
End Ported
1/4˝ NPT Ports
R432015316 Manifold End Plates (Includes Both Ends)


R432015307 Single Subbase
Side Ported
1/2˝ NPT Ports
R432015318 Manifold Station Segment
End Ported
1/2˝ NPT Delivery Ports
R432015319 Manifold End Plates (Includes Both Ends)


R432015309 Single Subbase
Side Ported
3/4˝ NPT Ports
R432015490 Manifold Station Segment
Bottom Ported
3/4˝ NPT Delivery Ports
R432015492 Manifold End Plates (Includes Both Ends)


R432011719 Manifold Station Segment
Bottom and Side Ported
3/4˝ NPT Delivery Ports
R432011720 Manifold End Plates


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