Standard Vertical Hydraulic Power Units

The Variable Vertical Industrial Hydraulic Power Unit has been designed for the demanding requirements of in-plant operations, specifically for intermittent and/or medium duty applications.

The Variable Vertical Industrial Hydraulic Power Unit is a preengineered package that provides a competitive solution to a demanding requirement. The highest quality components are used, including Bosch Rexroth pumps, Baldor electric motors, Sun valves, Daman manifolds, Hydac filtration and Magnom ferrous eliminators. Cost savings are realized through standardized products and procedures, rather than cutting costs with inferior materials.

The Power Unit features include ultra-quiet operation, utilizing Bosch Rexroth"s Vane "Hush Pump" submerged inside the reservoir. All of the high-pressure plumbing is contained inside the tank reducing the risk of spillage. The vertical design conserves valuable floor space, while situating key "maintenance" components in easy access of personnel. By utilizing the Womack Machine Supply Assembly Program, a virtually limitless number of circuit combinations are possible (up to 5-station, D03, or D05 manifold options).


Download the Womack Systems Standard Variable Vertical Industrial Hydraulic Power Unit Brochure (PDF)


  • Ultra-quiet operation utilizing Bosch Rexroth's "Hush-pump"
  • Variable-displacement, pressure compensated vane pump
  • Vertical design requiring reduced floor space
  • 3,000 PSI continuous rating on all components
  • Magnom-brand, ferrous eliminator on pump inlet
  • Industry common spin-on filter (10-micron, absolute rating)
  • U.S. made electric motor
  • Flexible D03/D05 valve manifold options

Standard Options

  • Motor starter panels
  • D03, D05 valve manifold stacks
  • Case Drain coolers
Model Number Horsepower
VV030520 3 5 20 950
VV050520 5 5 20 1,500
VV100520 10 5 20 3,000
VV070730 7 ½ 7 ½ 30 1,500
VV150730 15 7 ½ 30 3,000
VV101030 10 10 30 1,500
VV201030 20 10 30 3,000
VV151540 15 15 40 1,500
VV201540 20 15 40 2,000

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