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Rexroth develops and produces mobile hydraulic systems for the largest machine manufacturers in the world. You profit from the expertise and experience of the world leader for all drive and control solutions for every aspect of mobile machines. With a portfolio of products containing hydraulic drives and controls, planetary transmission, our own electronics expertise and global mobile service unique to the market, we increase the success of our customers.

Rexroth has bundled comprehensive system knowledge into application centers for a wide variety of industries for you.

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  • Axial Piston Units
  • External Gear Units
  • Radial Piston Motors
  • Mobile Controls
  • Compact Hydraulics
  • Gear Drives
  • Mobile Electronics
  • Filters
  • Accumulators

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Available in: Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, N.W. Florida, S. Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, W. Missouri, Montana, New Mexico, W. North Dakota, Oklahoma, W. South Dakota, Texas, Utah and Wyoming

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