PL-Series, Pow’R-LOCK™ Self-Locking Portable Lift System



A portable lifting solution that offers continuous load locking technology for heavy lifting applications

  • Provides continuous locking protection during lift, lower and hold functions
  • Patent-pending control technology synchronizes cylinder and lock nut for smooth and efficient lifting and lowering
  • Unique double-acting cylinder offers a low collapsed height to accommodate more lifting applications
  • Simple 2-button pendant allows operation of raise and lower functions from up to 20 feet away
  • All exposed load-bearing steel cylinder components utilize a nitrocarburizing treatment to reduce wear and resist corrosion
  • Ergonomic handle has six positions for comfortable handling and folds when not in use
  • Meets ANSI B30.1-2009, AS/NZS‑2538, AS/NZS‑2693 certification criteria
Capacity Stroke Model Number Cylinder Lifting Speed *
Recommended Air Supply ** Weight
(ton) (in) Load No Load (CFM) (psi) (lbs)
200 14.0 PL20014-ASA 2.0 2.4 130-150 55-100 1105
24.5 PL20025-ASA 2.0 2.4 1320

* Depending on available airflow, regulator setting, pump speed and load weight.
** Minimum dynamic air pressure of 55-60 psi, 90-100 psi required to achieve 200 ton capacity.
Note: When lifting large, heavy vehicles certain precautions must be followed. Always follow your published safety directions for lifting and cribbing your loads.

Model Number
Description Height PL20014-ASA PL20025-ASA
PLC1 Flat Load Cap 1.3 x x
PLS1 Spacer 1.0 x x
PLS2 Spacer 2.0 x x
PLE5 Extension 5.0 x x
PLE7 Extension 7.0 x x
PLE9 Extension 9.0 x x
PLE11 Extension 11.0 x -
PLE14 Extension 14.0 x -
PLB12 Extension base adapter 12.0 x -

 Note: The PLE11 and PLE14 Pow’R-LOCK extensions and PLB12 extension base adapter are to be used with the "short" model PL20014-ASA only.

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