Mitsubishi Solutions in Motion

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See first-hand what unifies all of the Mitsubishi Electric Automation disciplines into a one-of-a-kind solution!

Inside the Solutions in Motion Showroom...

MEAUGear Mesh

MEAURobot Demo

Servo & Motion: Innovative features such as one-touch auto-tuning and advanced vibration suppression boost productivity with reliability, speed, and safety.

Robot: Powerful, precise, and compact - ideal for applications with payloads up to 20kg

Software: Integrated software suite used for visualization, programming, troubleshooting and maintenance of automated assets

CNC: High performance control platforms to meet all the needs of the Machine Tool Industry

Energy: Manage energy consumption with real-time monitoring and reporting analytics

e-F@ctory: Plant floor to enterprise IT connectivity - improve the performance and reliability of information management

Automation Controls: Highly Integrated, Compact modular, and Basic Control - Solutions for all of your Sequence, Motion, Process, CNC and Robotic applications




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