Standard Line Mount Manifolds for High Flow Valves


Sun is pleased to offer a range of manifolds with optimized cavities for use with our new Series 4 PLUS, high flow cartridges!

  • Series 4 PLUS cartridges perform with optimal efficiency when installed in Sun's new T-18AU and T-19AU cavities, providing lower pressure drops and higher flow rates.
  • Both standard Series 4 and High Flow Series 4 PLUS cartridges can be installed in either standard series 4 cavities (T-18A, T-19A) or optimized high flow Series 4 cavities  (T-18AU, T-19AU). Non high flow cartridges may show improved performance when paired with the unique characteristics of the optimized high flow cavities.

Features include:

  • Available with both T-18AU and T-19AU optimized cavities
  • Several configurations and port sizes available
  • Suitable for use with both standard Series 4 and Series 4 PLUS cartridges
  • Improved performance characteristics when compared to standard
  • T-18A and T-19A cavities

Series 4 PLUS cartridges and manifolds come with all of Sun's hallmark attributes - availability, reliability and superior performance. Local customer service, technical support, and inventory are available from Sun worldwide authorized distributors. When not in local inventory, Sun manufactures to our customer's request date.



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