About Us

Motion Control and the engineering to help you put it together.

Womack is an Industrial Distributor of Hydraulic, Pneumatic and Automation Equipment with corporate offices located in Farmers Branch, Texas.

Womack has been helping customers solve their hydraulic, pneumatic and industrial controls and automation challenges for over sixty years.  We help people by inspiring them to do more than they ever thought possible through smarter motion control.  We bring the highest quality manufacturers from around the world to local equipment builders and manufacturing facilities to solve their problems.  We do this by acquiring the Customer’s technical parameters and design requirements and recommending the most effective solution.  Our solutions save production time, increase equipment performance, increase safety, provide our Customers competitive advantages, and make our Customer more profitable.

The success of today's fluid power applications makes it certain that fluid power will carry a bigger and bigger load in tomorrow's world.

From backyard log splitters to the largest mining, construction, energy, industrial and offshore equipment on the planet, hydraulics do the heavy lifting. As the largest and oldest Bosch Rexroth distributor in North America, Womack's ability to serve our Customers is second to none. With over 500 years of combined technical experience, and the top 40+ suppliers in the industry, we have the components and capability to give our Customers the options they need. Give us a call today, and join our growing list of long-term partners!

Womack Automation is one of the few distributors who can offer you a Total Automation Solution!

Our focus to have the right product, in the right place, at the right time is why 80% of our Customers have been doing business with us for 10 years or more.
We take pride in understanding the Customers' industry specific technology requirements and provide dedicated Technical Experts to help you in identifying the best Solution for your toughest application challenges!

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