Thank You for Taking an Interest in Womack - It's All About You!

I think our “About Us” section should really be titled, “About You”! For over 70 years, Womack has been focused on what we can do for others to help them be their best and achieve more than they ever thought possible. Whether you are an Employee, a Customer, a Supplier or within our Community, we exist to help you exceed your own expectations.

Employees: This starts with a focus on our people. While we recognize that we cannot single-handedly change the world, we believe that helping our people to be their best will start a positive and unmatched chain reaction. As they excel at Womack, they want to excel at home and make a positive difference for their families and their friends. This will bring about a positive impact on our communities at large. Creating a unified culture that wins and learns together is the key building block for helping our employees to be their best.

Customers: Our outstanding employees focus their attention on selflessly and respectfully serving our customers. We develop and implement the right motion control solutions to help our customers create their own superior products. The technical expertise that our people continually develop and refine provides critical support for our customers and their applications.

Suppliers: We represent the best motion control brands in the world. And, we strive to be their best representatives to the market. Our supplier partners manufacture outstanding products and provide excellent technical support. These relationships are not transactional – we have worked side by side with many of these partners for nearly 50 years! We collaborate constantly with them to provide our customers with the best solutions for their particular applications.

Communities: We believe in giving back to our communities to make them stronger. We dedicate money each year to our philanthropic causes and support our employees as they do the same. If an employee raises money for a particular cause, we will match it dollar for dollar. Whether it's sending 100 kids to muscular dystrophy camp or adopting Christmas angels, we are always looking for ways to support those around us.

At Womack, our focus is on you. We resolve to be relentless when it comes to empowering individuals, serving our customers with unmatched excellence, nurturing long-term partnerships with our suppliers, and making a positive impact on our communities

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Matt Oldroyd

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