Contactors and Motor Starters



The MS-N and MS-T series contactors and motor starters offer a high level of versatility for AC and DC control. Its compact design, combined with a wide range of add-on accessories provide adaptability for any motor control, lighting, pumping and conveyor type application. This proven solution provides the highest level of reliability anywhere around the world.

MOtor Starters Motor Starters

A type of starter for AC motors that combines a magnetic contactor and an overload relay. The MS-T (10-32 amps) and MS-N (35-400 amps) series motor starters offer a compact design and provide reliable protection for your motors against overload and short-circuit conditions in any industrial application.

Contactor Contactors

Compact dimensions, modular expansion options and a power-saving design are the key characteristics of the MS-N and MS-T series magnetic contactors. DIN rail mountable and standardized terminal covers make installation and wiring user friendly and cost effective.

Relay Relays

Mitsubishi Electric offers AC and DC controlled Contactor Relays with multiple open and closed contacts configurations that can be used in a variety of applications; alarms and sensors, signal switching, detecting and controlling faults that occur in electrical circuits.


Motor Protection Motor Protection Relays

Mitsubishi Electric thermal overload relays protect motors and motor circuit conductors against over heating caused by current overloads and or phase-loss. The TH-N and TH-T series relays can be paired with the Mitsubishi Electric contactors or utilized as a stand-alone overcurrent protection device.


Definite Purposr
Definite Purpose Contactors

Definite purpose contactors are ideal for various applications when a low-cost, high performance contactor is needed. We have expanded the definite purpose contactor product line by adding a DC Interface contactor with PLC direct control, DC contactors and medium voltage vacuum contactors that will exceed customer demands.

Solid State
Solid State Contactors

With virtually an unlimited life cycle, Mitsubishi Electric solid state contactors provide clean and silent operation in applications such as temperature controllers and lighting systems that require reliable power control at low noise levels.

Optional Part
Optional Parts and Accessories

Easy to use and install, the Mitsubishi Electric MS-N and MS-T series contactors and relays offer accessories that will meet the demands of virtually any control circuit application.

Related Parts
Related Components

Mitsubishi Electric offers a wide range of specialty relays and starters that can be used with our control devices for additional protection and control of motors or other complex applications.