Electrical Contactors

Sprecher + Schuh's broad line of IEC and NEMA labeled contactors combine performance and reliability in space-saving designs that are well-proven and used the world over. On average, Sprecher + Schuh contactors are 30% smaller than traditional devices in the same horsepower range, yet provide millions of trouble-free operations for years of reliable use. Published SCCR ratings are available when combined with CEP7 overload relays and short-circuit fuses or molded case circuit breakers.

CA7 Contactor to 75HP

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The CA7 contactor series represents the most modern and flexible IEC power contactor available today. A wide selection of contactors covers the entire CA7 horsepower range (up to 75HP @ 460/575V). Six of the contactors are only 45mm wide, an extremely small footprint for such rugged performance.

Same small size for most DC applications

The CA7-9 to 43A contactor sizes include an Electronic DC Coil option. The Electronic DC contactor design is the same size as the AC contactors, providing a compact unit for DC applications. Very low inrush and low power consumption result in a smaller power supply and smaller panel size.


 CA6 Contactor to 700HP

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Sprecher + Schuh's CA6 contactor line combines the simple function of our popular CA7 contactor series with the rugged performance demanded in this middle horsepower range. On average these contactors are 50% smaller than traditional contactors in this size class.

A broad selection for middle horsepower applications: The CA6 contactor family consists of a wide range of amperages in several frame sizes. This line is ideally suited for demanding applications such as steel mills, rock quarries, mines or for any middle horsepower application where a sturdy, durable contactor is needed.

Built in Safety Features:The CA6 contactor series has a built in safety feature that disengages the coil contacts and locks them in place when the contactor cover is opened for inspection. Conversely, when the contactor is energized, the cover cannot be removed. This feature ensures the current carrying components are power free during maintenance or replacement operations. Contact replacements can be installed quickly and safely, extending the life of the contactor.

 CA5 Contactor to 900HP

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 CA5 Series contactors provide large horsepower performance with a design that is up to 40% smaller than traditional contactors of this rating. The CA5 series consists of four contactors in two frame sizes covering motors from 500 to 900 HP (at 460V/575V). This line is well suited for heavy industrial applications utilizing large machinery and equipment such as rock quarries and mines, or for any large horsepower application where a rugged and dependable contactor is needed.

Specially-designed, bounce-free contact system- A characteristic of contactors in this size class is to transmit intense impact forces during operation. CA5 contactors, however, are designed so that the operating planes of the electromagnets and the contacts are opposed to each other by 90°. This results in a bounce-free contact system, increasing the contactor's mechanical life and raising contact reliability.

Rugged and reliable- A massive steel framework supporting the magnet system ensures high stability in all applications. Despite their rugged construction, however, overall contactor weight has been reduced considerably - permitting simpler panel construction and easier assembly.

Unique coil "feeder group" offers many advantages- CA5-700 and 860 contactors are equipped with a special "feeder group" for the coil that accommodates AC control voltages of 50 or 60Hz, and a wide range of DC voltages. This coil arrangement eliminates noise and provides very low pickup and hold-in current. In addition, the dropout time of the coil can be adjusted within one of three ranges.

Adjustable auxiliary contacts- CA5 contactors can be equipped with a maximum of four NO and four NC auxiliary contacts. In addition, the closing time of the auxiliary contacts (on CA5-700 & 860 contactors) can be adjusted to meet individual control requirements.


CA8 Miniature Contactors

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The CA8 miniature contactors and starters provide an extremely compact and reliable method of controlling motors of 7.5 HP or less (@460V). The CA8 contactor is an economical choice for applications where space is limited or where a minimal enclosure is desired. Components are DIN-rail mountable for instant installation and modification. Fittings are also included on the CA8 for base mounting. All terminals are clearly marked and shipped in the open position for installation with either manual or power screwdrivers.

Small and rugged- Even though their contacts and coils are not replaceable, Sprecher + Schuh has subjected this series of contactors to monitored endurance tests that demonstrate their ruggedness. At full load, under 3-phase power, the contacts in the CA8 have an electrical life of 700,000 operations, while the AC magnet system has a mechanical life of 10,000,000 operations.

The CAT8 Starter - Efficient and reliable - This miniature starter features the new CT8 Thermal Overload Relay. A complex current limiting calibration procedure performed after each unit is what ensures the consistent high quality of Sprecher + Schuh's thermal overload relay. Today's Class 10 T-frame design like the CT Series has been recognized by many motor manufacturers as the ideal type to assure optimum motor protection due to less use of copper and iron.

The CL8 Ecombo Motor Controller- Sprecher + Schuh's newest miniature contactor is also available in a UL approved motor circuit control, in reversing and non-reversing models for AC and DC control power. This compact and versatile controller can reduce panel space and offers a variety of control schemes in an easy to install, state-of-the-art combination starter assembly that includes the Type F KT7 Self-Protected, Combination Motor Circuit Controller.

Accessories require no additional panel space- the entire CA8 System is logically engineered. Modular accessories like auxiliary contact blocks snap-on without increasing the CA8's original width of 45mm. Also, due to its horizontal switching movement, the basic contactor has the same low profile whether an AC or DC operating magnet is used. This permits the use of enclosures with shallow mounting depths. Once the CA8 is installed, all auxiliary contact blocks can be snapped-on or removed without changing any existing power wiring. Other accessories include a snap-on RC Link (surge suppressor), mechanical interlocks and space saving adaptors for connecting auxiliary components.


CDP2 Definite Purpose Contactors

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Sprecher + Schuh's definite purpose contactors are ideal for commercial applications including air conditioning, refrigeration, resistive heating and many other installations where a low cost, high performance contactor is needed. These devices offer flexibility and are designed to meet or exceed electrical and mechanical requirements as defined by definite purpose contactor standards.

Popular sizes for most applications- The CDP2 contactor series consists of one, two, and three pole contactors rated to 600V AC. Three pole devices range up to 90A, while the one and two pole models are rated to 40A. Four pole contactors are also available ranging from 25A to 40A.

Flexibility and convenience make installation easy- CDP contactors are compact in size and offer three convenient methods of wire connection: quick connect terminals, screws or box lugs. Box lugs are standard on 40A and larger contactors. Other models come standard with combination quick connect terminals and screws that accept hex, slotted or phillips screwdrivers.

Complete choice of auxiliary contacts- Three and four pole CDP contactors can be fitted with up to two auxiliary contact blocks (one on either side, four contacts maximum). Choices include a standard two pole (1NO/1NC), as well as one single pole double throw (SPDT) or two SPDTs. All auxiliaries snap on without tools and are field-installable.


 Available in: AL, N.W. FL and MS.