PCB Terminal Blocks



WAGO offers a comprehensive program of PCB terminal blocks for the connection of PCBs in your device environment. For conductor diameters between 0.08 mm² to 16 mm² (28-6 AWG), in metric or imperial pin spacings of 2.5-20 mm, a suitable solution is found for everyone - of course in screwless connection technology with CAGE CLAMP®, push-wire or the versatile CAGE CLAMP® S connection.






Pinstrip-Pluggable PCB Terminal Blocks

Series-capable pillar terminals, plug-in connectors for EIB bus coupler and MICRO connecting terminals for EIB applications, 2-wire pillar terminal blocks. With clamp-type connection.




High Current PCB Solutions

Printed circuit board interconnect solutions for fixed applications up to 65A, 600V (up to 6 AWG), and pluggable PCB applications up to 42A, 600V (up to 8 AWG).



with PUSHWIRE™ Connection

PCB terminal blocks with PUSHWIRE termination, optimized for termination of solid conductors. Variable in pin-spacings, conductor entry angle, operator style, and housing colors.




with CAGE CLAMP® connection

PCB terminal blocks with CAGE CLAMP® termination for solid, stranded and flexible conductors. Variable in pin spacings, conductor entry angle, operator style and housing colors.