MC Works64

MCWorks 64


MC Works64 is a powerful, 64-bit, Web-enabled, OPC HMI/SCADA suite. MC Works64 takes full advantage of the convergence of 64-bit-based computing machinery, the release of new Microsoft operating systems (Windows 7, 8, Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008) and the growing customer demand for engaging three-dimensional graphic visualization of business processes.

Workbench Workbench

Centralized configuration with easy deployment for large-scale or redundant HMI/SCADA applications


Graphworx 64 GraphWorX64

Design high powered intelligent vector graphics and publish to the web via Windows Presentation Foundation or Silverlight


Alarmworx 64 AlarmWorX64

Respond to problems quickly and efficiently through advanced alarm management and notification


Trendworx 64 TrendWorX64

Collect and analyze historical data as well as view real-time trends


Earthworx 64 EarthWorX64

Provide real-time geographical visualization of assets that are geographically separated


Gridworx 64 GridWorX64

Easily integrate data from any network connected database, and provide real-time grid visualization


Assetworx 64 AssetWorX

Intelligent Asset Technology to organize any system, simplify engineering, and enhance navigation

98lp 3mcworks MC AppBuilder

Automatically create the monitor screen parts,OPC tag settings, and GX Works2 projects.
The easy design helps avoid faults caused by inconsistent tag setting information, etc.