HCT System Accessories






The DMC-04 & DMC-07 displays gives you the flexibility to customize and configure many of the advanced graphic and switch features that are available.

The TFT color screen is daylight visible, and comes complete with large, sealed, tactile operator input keys that can be used by the application, for input selections or screen/page easy navigation.

The DMC-04 & DMC-07 is also offered with optional direct connect video inputs and/or touch screen.

This unit is fully SAE J1939 compatible and can be used to display simple text or complex graphics, icons and symbols that fully relate to your project and the system operation, greatly helping usability and improving system diagnostics.


  • Fully compatible with DVC series controllers
  • Landscape or Portrait orientation to suit application
  • DMC-04, 4.3" / 109mm & DMC-07, 7.0" / 178mm backlit color TFT LCD daylight visible screen
  • Sealed and protected; DMC-04 to IP66 (NEMA  4) front, IP67 (NEMA 6) back and DMC-07 to IP67 (NEMA 6P)
  • WQVGA, 16-bit color; DMC-04, 480 x 272 pixels and DMC-07, 800 x 480 pixels
  • SAE J1939 CAN 2.0B ports; DMC-04, 2x CAN ports and DMC-07, 3x CAN ports plus NMEA 2000 (GPS)
  • Keyboard: DMC-04, 8 tactile buttons and DMC-07, 10 tactile buttons
  • Video feed (NTSC/PAL) options; DMC-04, 2x Video feeds and DMC-07, 3x video feeds
  • Touchscreen option available in the DMC-04

The DVC61 Smart Text Display is a larger character LCD with backlight.  The DVC61 is designed to operate from the DVC7, DVC710 & DVC10 RS-232 port or through the DVC CANbus network.  The DVC61 could also be used on any system with an RS-232 connection and the correct protocol.  Up to 15 DVC61's can be placed on any one DVC system.  The module has a sealed metal enclosure designed specifically for harsh industrial environments.  All connections are made through a sealed 12-pin Deutsch connector and the unit has up to 10 digital inputs.





 HCT's line of SAE J1939 ruggedized Keypads are fully compatible with the DVC programmable product series.

These units are compact, cost effective solution to add push button and fully programmable indicators to your project. The Keypads are sealed making them ideal for mobile and harsh environment applications.

You're able to move your diagnostic LED's from the DVC module into operator view and these units do not use or not require any physical I/O on the DVC controllers.


  • Fully compatible with DVC series controllers
  • Five standard keypad form factors available
  • Programmable via SAE J1939
  • Tactile switch elements
  • Addressable LED indicators and back-lit legends
  • Vibration and impact resistant
  • Long life: 1,000,000 push cycles per key
  • Easy mount configuration
  • Support for multiple key press combinations







  • Fully compatible with DVC series controllers
  • Single and Dual axis control options
  • SAE J1939 CANbus compatible series
  • Hall Effect series - converts conventional forward & reverse movement to DC voltage output
  • Uni or Bi-directional control
  • CE rated for EMC protection

 Foot Petals




  • Fully compatible with DVC series controllers
  • Bi or Uni-directional foot pedal control
  • Converts conventional foot pedal movement to DC Voltage output
  • Simple, reliable 4 or 6 wire connection, depending on options
  • Designed for 100% duty cycle usage
  • Digital output(s) to indicate when foot-pedal is off-Null position
  • User specified pedal null angle ( 30°, 38° or 45° ) for operator comfort
  • CE rated for EMC protection

Remote Controls





  • Fully compatible with DVC series controllers
  • Keyswitch are 8 or 12 push buttons and latching E-stop
  • Belly pack options
  • Wireless CAN Bridge Systems
  • Custom push button labels available




Our new TekBook will now allow mobile users and field operatives to have access to HCT's full featured standard graphical user interfaces ( GUI's ) for specialty and DVC product ranges, making programming, set-up, data-logging and modifications easier, simpler and clearer than ever before.

The TekBook comes with a 10.1" anti-glare LED backlit display, running standard Windows™ 7 Home operating system. An integrated mouse, 92% full size keyboard, large hard drive, multiple USB ports and additional external memory card slots, makes this unit easy to use and integrate into any system environment.

The unit has outputs for external VGA monitors / PC projector as well as internal camera and microphone for Skype usage, while the 10/100BASE-T Ethernet LAN or 802.11b/g wireless features allows the user to connect to a wired office LAN or wirelessly via hotspots or convenient wireless signals to make sure contact can be made when needed.  


  • Full color, portable product programming & set-up work station
  • Pre-loaded with general and selected HCT software and drivers
  • Supplied with HCT programming cable (product specific)
  • Genuine Windows™ 7 Home operating system & 2010 Office Starter
  • VGA output, Memory card slots and Network capability as standard

 Pre-loaded Software:

  • DVC series Intella™ PLM - Latest available version ( unless specified by user )
  • HCT product information files
  • USB to RS232 adaptor drivers approved for use with HCT software
  • Opto3000 USB drivers
  • Customer specific / requested software
  • *Crossloop™ - Remote access package used by HCT FAE's to operate TekBook from their base


Programming Cables & Adaptors






  • P/n: 999-10075, DVC Series RS232 Programming Cable - use with 108-00119 for USB connections
  • P/n: 108-00119, USB to RS232 HCT approved adaptor
  • P/n: Opto3000, programming cable for use with: HFS, HFS-2, HFS-2Q, HFS-J & Power-Line unit
  • P/n: 999-10166, programming cable for use with the HGC-2 generator controller









  • "Wet" fluid sensor - brass body, No galvanic reactions with fluids
  • "Dry" fluid sensor - thermoplastic body, No galvanic reactions with metals
  • Thread size: 3/8" - 18NPTF (call for Metric Sizes)
  • Typical supply voltage: +5VDC
  • Temperature range: -40 to +150 Deg. C (Operational)

Cable & Connector Kits





  • DVC products
  • Analog products, HAU*Q & HAD*Q
  • Digital products, PLD*Q, epc-2 and evc-2
  • Fan controller products, HFS, HFS-2Q, HFS-J, emc-1 & emc-3
  • Generator controller products, HGC-2

Signal Conditioners



PC24/5 Signal Conditioner Features:
  • Converts +24Vdc to +5Vdc and is used to power Hall Effect Joy Stick
  • Efficiently converts higher mobile DC supply voltage to +5VDC
  • Diagnostic LED's for Vin and Vout
  • Simple, reliable 3 wire connection
  • Small size allows internal incorporation into joysticks etc.
  • Completely waterproof unit ( NEMA 6P / IP68

PC24/5T Signal Conditioner Features:

  • Use with external NTC temperature sensors and the DVC Series
  • Efficiently converts higher mobile DC supply voltage to +5VDC
  • Diagnostic LED's for Vin and Vout
  • Output current limited to drive 2 x temperature transducers
  • Completely waterproof unit ( NEMA 6P / IP68 )
  • Simple, easy and quick to apply

PC24/5TS Signal Conditioner Features:

  • Conditions standard resistive Delphi temperature sensors for use with the DVC series
  • Stabilized +5VDC ±1% voltage output
  • Short and Open circuit protected
  • Input / Output Condition and diagnostic LED's
  • Pre-fitted 2 Way GT 150 Sealed Female Connector
  • Linearize output using DVC I/O function curve feature

CSC-0505 Command Signal Converter Features:

  • Converts Industrial standard 0 to +/-5V DC to mobile standard 0 to 5VDC
  • Ideal for DVC series interface in industrial environments
  • Small size allows internal incorporation into joysticks, harnesses e.t.c.
  • Output voltage is short circuit proof
  • Completely waterproof unit ( NEMA 6P / IP68 )
  • Used with mobile or industrial systems and peripherals




This entry level, single turn potentiometer and adjustment knob are provided with the controller as part of the supply, and intended to allow the user to quickly and easily connect and operate the module with the chosen valve product.

Users with more complex or environmentally challenging applications will need to look for potentiometers or command sources that have higher NEMA / IP ratings or that have multiple turn operation for finer adjustment control.

Extra or spare parts can be ordered from High Country Tek, Inc as required.





Available in: AR, LA, OK, NM and TX