Motion Controllers

IndraMotion MLC



By combining motion, robot and logic controls with technology functions, you can synchronize multi-axis applications very easily - freely scalable for centralized or decentralized solutions with a flexible control platform. Motion functions, such as master axes, electronic gears, cam disks and the innovative FlexProfile for complex motion sequences, can be used quickly and transparently. Robot control provides full functionality for multi-axis path interpolation in space. Integrate hydraulic axes just as easily and quickly in your automation solution with same tools and functionalities. The engineering framework IndraWorks with intuitive operation and the PLCopen-conforming software interface with standardized function blocks according to IEC 61131-3 facilitate integration in various machine designs. Both electric and hydraulic motion control applications - for all tasks in automation, IndraMotion MLC motion logic system is the answer. Especially in terms of effective engineering, flexible process adaptation and cost-optimized automation.

Simple, open and flexible

  • Integrated runtime system with motion, robot and logic controls
  • Extensive software libraries in conformity with IEC 61131-3 and PLCopen
  • Innovative motion function FlexProfile for complex motion sequences
  • Intuitive engineering with the software framework IndraWorks
  • supports electrical, hydraulic and hybrid drives


IndraMotion MLD



This drive-based solution is available as a single-axis control for simple applications as well as a multi-axis control for applications with a maximum of 10 axes. Ready-to-use function libraries simplify the use of the intelligent drive functions of the IndraDrive series. In addition, PLCopen-conforming function blocks provide access to standardized motion-control functions. The open technology and communication interfaces facilitate integration of IndraMotion MLD in your automation design.

Compact and powerful

  • Certified safety technology
  • Drive-integrated motion-control according to IEC 61131-3
  • Electronic synchronization of up to 10 axis
  • Intuitive engineering with the software framework IndraWorks
  • Optional technology and communication interfaces