Indra Works

Rexroth IndraWorks allows you to solve all tasks in a uniform and inntuitive software environment - from project planning and programming to visualization and diagnostics. The uniform engineering framework IndraWorks is consistently available for all systems from the Rexroth Automation House. You, as user, profit from the fast and transparent access to all functions and system data of the automation components. The standarddized tools and interfaces help you to solve all engineering tasks centrally with a single software.


  • Intelligent operation with wizard support
  • Extensive software libraries in conformity with IEC 61131-3 and PLCopen
  • Available for all systems and solutions from the Rexroth Automation House
  • Integrated FDT/DTM interface for integration of the DTM of third party manufacturers



Win Studio 

WinStudio is the innovative visualization module of the IndraWorks software framework for consistent engineering and user-friendly operation. WinStudio allows you to create your individual applications quickly, easily and efficiently - with one tool for all applications .

Together with the embedded PCs and the PC-based solutions from Rexroth, WinStudio ensures maximum functionality and optimum performance. The flexible licensing model is available in development and runtime versions. Needing only one development version, you can adapt your applications as often as desired and use them with various runtime versions. This design allows continuous improvement to your machines and is also very cost effective.


  • Easy configuration of the system visualization
  • Auto-Screen-Scaling
  • Clearly organized selection of
  • Dynamic generation of web sites
  • Project planning without knowledge of high-level languages



Cam Builder

The graphics-based software tool CamBuilder facilitates the creation of cams on the PC. With the help of dialog-controlled inputs, all requirements and special features of applications, such as cross cutters, feed axes or printing length corrections, are implemented quickly and reliably. They can then be transferred to our drive controllers or controls with only a few inputs. CamBuilder is an optional tool that is integrated in the IndraWorks engineering framework. But CamBuilder is also available as a stand-alone tool and can be used independently of the controls and drive systems used.

  • Easy creation of cams with the
  • Utilization of motion laws according to VDI 2143
  • Switching between standardized
  • Import/export functionality with various formats
  • Zoom functionality



Vi Composer

VI-Composer is an easy but powerful project development tool for the visualization and parameterization of system-related data of the IndraControl VCP and VCH devices. In this convenient development environment, you can efficiently create your individual application, based on the usual Windows look-and-feel. The programming result can then be used on the various IndraControl VCP and VCH devices as often as desired.

The fully graphical VI-Composer software allows you to develop projects for IndraControl VCP and VCH devices according to the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) principle, text, variables and graphics are immediately represented just as they will be displayed by the IndraControl VCP and VCH devices. Predefined masks and comprehensive graphics libraries with numerous industry-compatible screen objects facilitate the creation of your applications. Based on Windows-conforming operation, you describe all variables depending on the particular control, whereas masks, graphics, recipes and the like can be created independently of any control. VI-Composer provides direct access to the IndraWorks database and, thus, to all variables of the controls and drives. The performance is completed by comprehensive help functions.

  • Language management of
  • Project and firmware download for reloadable functions
  • Definition of free menu structures
  • Font editor for creating your own character sets