Lynch Electronics: Electronic Controls for Proportional Valves

The Lynch Digital Display Proportional Valve Driver (DDPDX) offers accurate, intuitive and smooth operation with any proportional valve brand, for any application. All Lynch Drivers supply a solenoid with current proportional to the input signal from a potentiometer, joystick, PLC or other control system. The Digital Display Proportional Valve Driver comes in six different forms and parameters can be customized to meet operational requirements. The extra bright digital display increases situational awareness and eliminates uncertainty by letting the operator know that power is present, settings are accurate and input/output is correct in even the most challenging low light conditions. The dual solenoid driver features a four-digit display and the single solenoid driver has a three-digit display.


Features & Benefits:

-        CE Approved.

-        Compatible with any proportional valve brand.

-        Simple & intuitive set-up.

-        Tested & application proven.

-        Multi inputs & outputs; per model.

-        Independent adjustments.

-        Field adjustable without any specialty tools.

-        Clear readings in any light.

-        3-4 digit extra bright display.

-        Displays actual values.

-        Suitable for extreme conditions (-40C - +80C).

-        Dual & single driver models are available.

-        Wide ramp time range (0 to 99.5 seconds).

-        Wide dither range (40 to 450Hz).

-        Short Circuit reverse polarity protection.

-        Command input over-current protection