Automation Platforms





e-F@ctory is the Mitsubishi Electric solution for improving the performance of any manufacturing enterprise, providing three key benefits: Reduced total cost of ownership (TCO), Maximized productivity, and Seamless integration.

e-F@ctory was born out of the expertise Mitsubishi Electric has developed as a global manufacturing enterprise, facing essentially the same challenges our customers face in-house. Our solution has been implemented in our factories and plants with dramatic results. We are now sharing this expertise with those who are looking for the same benefits from their own manufacturing operations.


iQ Platform



Realizing the factory of the future with high end controllers:

Development Cost Reduction

  • Reduction in equipment design time
  • Reduction in commissioning time

Production Cost Reduction

  • Shorter cycle and operation times
  • Integration with Enterprise level systems

Maintenance Cost Reduction

  • Utilization of MELSEC-Q series standard I/Os
  • Reduced down time

iQ Sequence Controller




  • World-leading processor execution speeds as low as 9.5ns per instruction
  • Significantly enhanced arithmetic and data processing (sorting, floating point, etc.)
  • Vastly increased data storage and non-volatile program memory
  • Utilizes dedicated high-speed CPU-only communication bus with other iQ CPUs
  • Backward compatibility with Q Series CPUs, I/O and Intelligent Modules
  • Built-in Ethernet port for increased accessibility and ease-of-use


MES Interface IT



The MES Interface IT - Enterprise Connectivity Interface
Part of Mitsubishi Electric's  e-F@ctory concept, the MES Interface IT bridges the traditional gap between the factory and office by enabling bi-directional data communication from the production floor to enterprise IT systems. Eliminating all middleware and gateway PCs, the MES Interface IT controller-level direct database access provides users with the leanest solution possible, reducing overhead costs as well as points of failure. Easy and reliable data access across all networked control systems creates limitless application possibilities, from quality control to logistics management.

Q Series


Features Include:

  • Spans a range of CPU types from small/medium systems, to complex networked systems handling tens of thousands of I/O, addressing the needs of all applications.    
  • Embraces contemporary technologies such as high speed Ethernet, open systems and Internet capabilities, to reduce lifecycle costs via remote system management & maintenance.
  • Increases productivity throughout a system life cycle of design, implementation and maintenance by offering a range of capabilities that allow more to be achieved in less time.
  • Multiple CPU capability adds open ended system performance and flexibility.
  • Multiple program capability allows concurrent development, code reuse, better program organization and faster troubleshooting for less downtime.
  • Multiple access to the system allows many technicians to work simultaneously for faster system debugging and maintenance.
  • High productivity GX Developer programming tools permit designers to concentrate on the automation of their system, not the configuration of the controller.           
  • Networking & communication options distribute Q Series systems over wide areas while reducing wiring costs.          
  • Sequence CPUs can also address process applications by means of built-in PID capabilities.
  • Extremely compact package saves panel costs.
  • Certified bu UL, cUL, CE as indicated and DNV, ABS, RINA, LR & NK shipping approvals for all Q Series.


Q Series Motion





The Q Series Motion Controllers meets your need for higher performance and smaller size, all with high-speed motion control! Ideal for small to large scale applications with up to 96 control axes. Various motion controller operating system software packages are also available. With increased high-speed motion, flexibility and compatibility with the Q Series PLC CPU, the Q Series Motion Controllers are the best choice for next-generation motion control technology!


Q Series Redundant System






  • Prevent controller downtime with dual redundant CPUs (control and back-up). Any failure of the control CPU causes immediate transfer of control to the back-up, preventing system failure or interruption.
  • Synchronize up to 100,000 words of process data between CPUs per scan
  • Switchover time typically around 40ms, insuring "bumpless" transfer
  • CPUs reside on physically separate racks, allowing control CPU to be replaced while back-up maintains system operation
  • Low cost of ownership; most parts are interchangeable with standard Q Series systems
  • Redundant power supply option
  • Redundant MELSECNET/H control level network provides link to I/O stations at up to 25Mbit/s
  • Over 50 process control related instructions (same as Q Process CPUs)
  • Most I/O may be hot swapped
  • Increased functionality in Version D or later (S/N 07032x)
  • SFC active step comment readout instruction
  • Increased multiple CPU shared memory flexibility
  • 1/1000 second resolution timestamp capability
  • Store sampling trace data in Standard RAM
  • Power supply error detection function


QS Safety PLC & CC-Link Safety





  • Fully certified by TUV to IEC 61508 SIL 3 and EN 954 Category 4
  • Scalable to any need; capable of overseeing the safety needs of an entire production line or a single machine
  • Leverages the existing programming & maintenance tools of the GX Developer engineering suite
  • No special programming techniques to master; learning curve is short
  • Extensive diagnostic and security features
  • Uses the open CC-Link Safety device level network to connect remote I/O for safety critical devices