Energy PAQ

EnergyPAQ uses the acclaimed Q-series rack PLC system as the basis for the energy monitoring modules so if necessary users can expand the basic platform in a huge number of different ways, for example to connect it to an EtherNet communications network.

EnergyPAQ can track the data for up to 5 independent circuits which are hard wired from simple current transformers clipped to the power cables. For circuits further afield, multiple additional circuits can even be connected to EnergyPAQ using a wireless 'mesh' network. Critical data such as Amps, Volts, kW, kWh and Power Factor can all be monitored and stored in non-volatile memory for simple retrieval in a form which can be simply imported into a spreadsheet or dedicated energy monitoring software, such as AX Energy.

When trying to save energy, one of the most important steps is to make energy use data as visual as possible so that it is 'real'. EnergyPAQ comes together with a high end display screen and pre-loaded tracking software so that key energy information is visible on the front of the unit itself as well as being stored.

Main Features of EnergyPAQ
  • A self-contained NEMA 1 energy monitoring unit - ready to run as soon as the current transformers are connected
  • Includes energy display software 
  • GT16 GOT displays energy usage visually
  • Contains Compact Flash memory card to store data in removable, non-volatile memory



ME96-NSR Energy Meter

ME96-NSR Energy Meter

The ingenious design of the ME96-NSR meter uses an LCD display to combine the visual clarity of an analog meter with the accuracy and reliability of digital technology with no moving parts. ME96-NSR is a stand-alone meter which can be connected to a network using Modbus RTU or CC-Link communications.  ME96-NSR can measure.

Main Features of ME96-NSR
  • Simple connection to existing circuits using generic current transformers with 1A or 5A secondary circuits. 
  • Can accurately measure and display A, V, W, Var, VA, Power Factor, Frequency, and both Voltage and Current Harmonic content
  • Combines the visual clarity of analog meters with digital accuracy and reliability with a programmable, bar graph and LCD numeric display. 
  • Uses standard DIN type 96 x 96 mm panel mounting format
  • Display can be scaled to read current from 5A up to 30,000A!
  • Versions are available that can be connected to a standard Modbus RTU or CC-Link network to allow simple data export (accessories needed).


QE81WH Energy Module 

QE81-WH Energy Module

QE81-WH is a powerful tool that can be used as part of any serious attempt at energy saving by measuring different energy-using circuits and tracking and consumption variables; Line Current, Line Voltage, kW, kVAr and Power factor can all be tracked in real time. Data generated by the module can easily be transmitted to other equipment over any suitable network type, for example EtherNet, and stored and displayed or imported into energy monitoring software, such as ICONICS Energy Analytics.

In addition to the obvious energy saving applications, measuring energy use can also be very valuable in spotting problems in a manufacturing process; for example, a sudden rise or fall in power consumption could mean the start of a mechanical problem in a machine such as a bearing or alignment problem or a broken belt, and allow preventative maintenance to take place at an early stage.

Main Features of QE81-WH
  • Simple connection to existing circuits using Snap-On current transformers
  • Fast and accurate measurements updated at 250msec intervals
  • Simple connectivity with related Mitsubishi products via. The Q series back plane, for example GOT display screens. 
  • Measurement upper / lower limit levels can be set, allowing for alarms if there are unexpected deviations in.