GX Works2

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GX Works2 is the next generation configuration and programming software for FX and Q Series controllers. Following the goal of maximum efficiency, GX Works2 allows developers to mix and match between five different programming languages, each conforming to a different programming style. It is left up to the developer to select the language most comfortable and best suited for the job. This environment conforms to IEC1131-3 standards, also allowing parts of projects to be saved in Libraries for use within future applications. That means once a function, function block, program, or structure is written, tested, and proven, it can be integrated into new systems within minutes. Completely customizable environment layouts follow the installation and not the project, meaning tool selection and shortcuts are optimized following the user's own intuition. Built-in network and special function module configuration tools keep project files organized and easy to access. Special function module parameters are setup using prompts and pull-down menus, not through arbitrary bit and byte assignments. A built-in virtual PLC on the computer enables complete system simulation before hardware even arrives on site. After the project is downloaded to the actual system, GX Works2 includes numerous monitor modes, trace functions, and online debugging capabilities to put the finishing touches on the application and speed it to commission status.


MELSOFT GX Works2 represents the next generation in MELSOFT PLC maintenance and programming software. Its functionality has been inherited from both GX and IEC Developer, with improvements made throughout to increase productivity and drive down engineering costs.


MT Works2

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MT Works2 is the next generation programming, configuration and maintenance software for Q Series Motion Controllers including the iQ Platform, MR-MQ100 and Q170MCPU Stand Alone motion controllers. Many improvements have been made based on user feedback. MT Works2 offers a new and intuitive programming, design, and maintenance environment which can be used across many industries and applications in all the phases of a Motion Controller configuration; system design, program development, debugging, startup, operation, and maintenance. Some of the key improvements are the ability to import and export third party camming profiles, added label and structured data type programming, powerful monitoring and debugging options, a built-in digital oscilloscope for trace functions, increased password security for OEMs, and improved printing options. Expanded functions and improved operation optimizes work efficiency.


MELSOFT MT Works2 is a comprehensive motion CPU maintenance and program design tool. Its many useful functions, such as intuitive settings, graphical programming, and digital oscilloscope, simulator, assistance help, to reduce the TCO associated with motion systems.



GT Works3

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GT Works3 is the design and configuration software for the GOT1000 Series HMIs. This revolutionary and intuitive design environment provides host of attributes and graphical elements needed to quickly and easily develop visualization projects. GT Works3 offers many convenient and time saving functions every programmer can appreciate. Programmers from all backgrounds and skill levels can navigate and access detailed project, system and screen settings quickly. Data entry fields, dialog windows even placement aids have been optimize to reduce development time and provide the flexibility every programmer demands. The standard graphics library offers one of the most comprehensive collections of realistic and sophisticated elements on the market. After screen development is complete, one touch simulation enables developers to debug and verify their projects using real-time variables and conditions.


MELSOFT GT Works3 is a complete HMI programming, screen creation, and maintenance program. In order to reduce the labor required to create detailed and impressive applications, the software's functionality has been built around the concepts of ease of use, simplification (without sacrificing functionality), and elegance (in design and screen graphics).






The MC-WorX™ automation software suite provides companies with powerful tools to:

  • Maximize uptime
  • Reduce operating costs
  • Improve the link between enterprise and manufacturing IT systems
  • Increase flexibility and response time to future challenges
  • Minimize development and implementation costs

Customers deploying MC-WorX™ solutions within their facilities will enjoy many benefits:

  • Improved operating efficiency through better plant visibility
  • Enhanced quality control through SPC and SQL
  • Real-time data exchange with suppliers
  • Scalable solutions from embedded controllers to full operator stations
  • Flexibility to interact with your plant from a browser, wireless handheld device, or mobile phone


ProjectWorXis a central location for all of the MC-WORX components. This powerful tool allows you to develop multiple projects at the same time. Quick Access to:

  • GraphWorX, AlarmWorX, TrendWorX, DataWorX, ReportWorX, ScriptWorX, and more…
  • GenBroker, GenTray, Global & Language Aliasing, MSOffice, MobileHMI, ScreenManager and WebHMI
  • All OPC Server Information


GraphWorXis a Human Machine Interface software package. It is a fully compliant OPC client featuring Microsoft ActiveX and VBA technologies. Key features include:

  • Powerful Display Creation and Animation Tools
  • Scalable and Fixed Scale Displays
  • Embedded ActiveX Controls and OLE Objects
  • 50mSec Dynamic Animation Updates
  • ActiveX Document Server - Can be viewed in Web Browser
  • AlarmWorX and TrendWorX objects can be Embedded
  • Built in Expressions and Calculations


AlarmWorX  is a distributed enterprise wide alarm and event management system. It is a fully compliant OPC client featuring Microsoft ActiveX and VBA technologies. Key features include:

  • Internet Compatibility - Alarm ActiveX control can be Embedded HTML Based Web Pages
  • Telephone Voice System - Dial-in/Dial-out to hear alarms, Values and to Acknowledge Alarms
  • Personal Scheduler - Notify Only On-Duty Personnel
  • Historical Alarm Analysis - Pareto, Reports, Histograms etc…
  • Real-time Alarm Summary - Display with Sorting and Filtering


TrendWorX  provides a collection of real-time trending, historical data logging, reporting and analysis tools with ADO and ODBC data logging at the core. Key Features Include:

  • Multi-Media Voice Annunciation of Alarms
  • Remote Paging and Email - Internet Compatibility
  • Scaleable and Distributed OPC/OPC Flexible ActiveX Container
  • Mix Real-Time and Historical Data
  • Supports MS Access, MS SQL, Oracle and MS Exchange
  • Extensive Reporting Capability
  • Supports Time Based, X vs. Y, Logarithmic, Bar Type, and Strip Chart Recorder trend type displays


A stand-alone module supporting the creation and management of VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) scripts. ScriptWorX's supports multi-tasking, multiprocessor environments to facilitate concurrent operation of multiple scripts. User-defined VBA scripts can perform OPC readand-write operations to any OPC server, which interfaces to factory floor devices such as PLCs and other OPC-compliant servers.



The MC-WORX security module provides controlled access to MC-WORX functions based on user log-in. A security administrator configures the system by defining users and assigning privileges. The administrator may also associate users with user groups that have pre-defined privileges. Configures basic, advanced, and NT-integrated security features, file access, OPC point/tag write permissions, timed logon permission, login station control, and more…