Our angled AS40-Z conveyors come in three basic configurations for elevating and lowering product.

Single Piece Aluminum Frame

Box Frame Construction for Rigidity

The frame is the backbone of the conveyor. A sturdy frame helps to ensure positive tracking throughout the life of the conveyor. That’s why we designed ours with a box-frame construction that resists both latitudinal and longitudinal deflections. Conveyors 18” and wider feature a rigid aluminum/steel frame.

Z-Track™ Design

Simplify Tracking

Z-Track™ gives you control over belt tracking at the angles of incline or decline. It adjusts rapidly for belt installation and locks the settings in for long-term performance.

V-Guide Belt Capable

Proper tracking for demanding applications

All Automation Series conveyors support optional v-guide belting, which works to keep the belt centered in applications with side loading/exiting or reversing.

Three Configurations

Available in L, R and Z Conveyors

AS40-Z Conveyors are available in three configurations, making it ideal for any elevating or lowering application. Our three standard angles are 30º, 45º and 60º, with additional angles available by factory quote. Only R configurations can be used with non-cleated standard belts.