IS175-ID conveyors save space by moving the motor inside the conveyor.

Safe, Efficient, 24v DC Motor

Placed inside the conveyor frame to save space

Integrated internal gears give you maximum torque, speeds up to 50 feet per minute and loads up to 75 lbs. The integrated InnerDrive motor makes IS175-ID Conveyors maintenance-free, freeing you from lubricating bearings or drive packages. The motor’s low voltage protects workers from dangerous currents.

Easy Application Integration

The variable speed control card integrates easily with automation systems for “run-on-demand” applications, using inhibit/run controls from devices such as timers and photo-eyes. Lighted indicators identify status at a glance. The card can be frame-mounted or mounted in a NEMA 12 control box.

Unique Snap-in Tail Assembly

The snap-in sealed tail assembly helps to facilitate belt changes on IS175-ID Conveyors. Its crowned design promotes superior belt tracking and thrust washers provide axial float and protect the bearings, allowing the assembly to move with the natural camber of the belt.

Lube-for-Life Bearings

Precision roller bearings offer greater load capacity and longer life

Our Lube-for-Life bearings utilize a solid lubricant that eliminates the need for bearing re-lubrication for the life of the bearing.