Introducing an electric servo drive compression system, engineered with the reliability and safety you expect from Haskel.

Q-Drive creates new advantages by revolutionizing gas boosting with proven technologies.

Q-Drive combines Haskel’s 75 years of compression experience with electric servo drive technology that has been in use for over a decade in industrial and scientific applications. These electric servo drives allow Haskel to replace hydraulic cylinders with a technology that is: quiet, compact, efficient, reliable, low maintenance and infinitely controllable. Haskel has brought these two technologies together in the Q-Drive to ensure unmatched value and best in industry performance.

Q-Drive reaches new levels of cleanliness, quietness, and efficiency.

  • Clean compression
  • Quiet operation (<77dBA)
  • Infinite controllability
  • Energy efficient
  • 100% duty cycle
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Small footprint—25% less square footage than an average HPU
  • Less power consumption than hydraulic & air-driven boosters
  • Easy maintenance with quick access and visual diagnostics

Q-Drive features a smart Human Machine Interface (HMI) for advanced monitoring and diagnostics:

  • Touchscreen programming
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Graphic display of system operation
  • Interface between in-house automation systems
  • Intelligent diagnostic control
  • Reduced maintenance and increased up-time

Powering Q-Drive: Electric servo drive advantages

Q-Drive is powered by an electric servo drive motor. The motor’s rotation creates linear actuation, providing greater process control and high precision movement.

  • Smaller footprint without lost flow rate and pressure
  • Superior design with quick-change seal components, fastest in the industry
  • 25% less energy required for cooling than standard hydraulic intensifiers
  • Advanced diagnostic system reduces maintenance and increases uptime
  • Simplified design creates less parts to break, minimizing maintenance
  • Environmentally friendly with significantly less energy consumption

Choose Haskel to enable your high-pressure compression application:

  • High pressure gas compression
  • CO2 extraction
  • Industrial gas handling
  • Hydrogen filling stations