JVL Servo Motor Accessories


MAC00-FB4 BlueTooth Module

Wireless with M12 connectors
  • Gives full access to all functions and registers in the MAC motor.
  • Possible to connect up to 7 modules (Requires a Bluetooth server).
  • Baud rates of 19200
  • Wireless control of the motor 5 In- and 4 Outputs
  • Programmable via wireless control with MacTalk.
  • M12 connectors

MAC00-FC4 CanOpen Module

CAN/CANopen with M12 connectors
  • Control and setup
  • Logic I/O for high speed start/stop
  • Position torque, and velocity control
  • I/O can be used for end-of-travel limits and high speed start/stop
  • Hardware and software adjustment of baud rate and address
  • Galvanically isolated I/O and network connections
  • CANopen DS301
  • CANopen DSP402

MacComm OCX File

JVL's MacComm OCX* file makes it easy to develop Windows software with JVL's MAC motors.

This OCX can be used with Windows 95, 98, Me, 2000, XP, and makes it easy to communicate with the MAC motor. The OCX enables applications to be easily developed in for example: Visual Basic Visual C++ Visual.Net Delphi Borland C++ Builder LabView Excel or any other environment supporting OCX controls.

The OCX makes it easy to send/read register values to/from MAC motor(s). Developers do not have to think about opening and closing the RS232 port. Communication is taken care of entirely by the OCX. The OCX will take care of the special MAC protocol with checksum, inverse byte, register length and register format. You only have to specify a register no. to read from, or a register no. and value to write to. In Visual Basic the OCX only needs to be added to the controls bar, and from there dragged to a window, and it is ready to use.

Besides access to the registers the OCX also has the following features:
  • Reset Write to flash 3 different customizable factors for easy data processing
  • Position Acceleration Velocity
The OCX is supplied on a 3½" diskette as a self extracting installer.
* MacComm OCX (OLE Custom Controls. Also known as ActiveX controls)



Connector kit for MAC basic. MAC50-141 and MAC800.



MAC Expansion Modules spare parts kit.


USB to RS485 Converter RS485-USB-ATC-820

This module is a cost-effective way to convert RS485 industrial buses to an USB interface. When connected to a PC USB port the module is automatically detected and is installed as a native COM port which is compatible with any existing serial communication application. Multiple modules can be installed when using USB hubs thus allowing a hassle-free configuration of a multi serial system without any IRQ or DMA configuration. They have 600W protect between the USB port and RS485 protects the PC from spikes or possible misconnections in the communication bus.

Maximum number of devices in the RS485 network is 32. Maximum RS485 cable length is up to 1200m. Supports Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/CE, MAC and Linux 2.4.20 or superior.


M12 Connection Cables

M12 connection cables for MAC Motor Expansion Modules and the QuickStep Motors

All the cables and other items for easy installation can normally be delivered from stock.

Special length´s of cables can be made to order. All the M12 connectors fulfil IP67 requirements.

If desired you can make most of your own flexible or robot cables by means of 5- and 8-pin male and female connectors also available.


JVL WI1000

M12 Connection Cables - WT-1000-M12xyAzzN

M12 connector and free end
x: F for female. M for male.
y: No. of pins. 5=5pin. 8=8pin.

zz: 05 for 5 metre. 20 for 20 metre

JVL Test Box

Test Box PA0160 for MAC and QuickStep motors

The Test Box PA0160 is designed to test set-ups with Integrated MAC ac servo motors and Integrated MIS QuickStep stepper motors.

The Test Box includes possibility for IO encoder simulation and an analog input which can be used to simulate the IO´s of the machine. A variety of special cables are available for connection of the DSUB connector on the test box to MAC motors with various modules and to the QuickStep motors.

The test box has 8DI + 4DO, offers encoder emulation and an analog potmeter. Using it with MIS23x QuickStep motors, 5DI are available. (Encoder emulation takes 2IO and the potmeter takes 1IO)

The 8 switches on the PA0160 for input signals can be activated either as a switch or as a push button depending whether they are activated to the left or the right. In the middle they are neutral.

JVL Dump Resistor

RP0001, RP0007, RP1005, RP1006 Power Dump Resistors x

The power dump resistors are used with JVL step motor drivers, servo motor controllers and integrated servo motors, the MAC motors, in cases where the internal power dump resistor is not sufficient for a given task.

The power dump resistors are available with continous power ratings of 100W, 270 W, and 50 W. Peak power can be up to 18kW. Calculation of whether an external power dump resistor is necessary is difficult. Therefore a practical motor run is often necessary. More specific guidelines can not be given since the actual energy induced depends on motor data, temperature, deceleration, etc. Generally external power dump resistors are required in cases where large inertias has to be braked. It is important that the resistors are mounted so that the heat can be dissipated. Eventually a heat sink can be used.

The power dump resistor can be connected directly to output terminals on the Step Motor Drivers SMD41/42, AC Servo Motor Controllers AMC20/21/22 and the Integrated Servo Motors MAC400 and MAC800.

The Integrated Servo Motors MAC050 to MAC141 and the QuickStep Integrated Stepper Motors MIS23x do not have a built-in monitoring circuit and requires an external power dump circuit.

JVL Covers

End Covers

MAC00-00,  IP 42 Without Holes
  • For Customers Own Connector
  • Inclusive Screws
  • 1.5mm Thick, Dia. = 57.3mm
  • Black Anodized
MAC00-01, End Cover IP 67 With 2 Cable Bushes

  • For Customers Own Cable
  • 1 pcs M12 x 1.5 Cable Bush
  • 1 pcs M16 x 1.5 Cable Bush
  • 6mm Thick, Dia. = 57.2

IP67 protection class is only possible if basic MAC motor and expansion module both are the same IP class.

MAC00-02 End Cover IP 67 With 4 Cable Bushes
  • For Customers Witth Own Cable
  • 1pcs M12 x 1.5 Cable Bush
  • 3pcs M16 x 1.5 Cable Bushes
  • 6mm Thick, Dia. = 57.2

IP67 protection class is only possible if basic MAC motor and expansion module both are the same IP class.

JVL Couplings

Flexible Couplings

These flexible and very robust couplings consist of only 3 parts and are intended for non-continuous operation. They offer zero-play operation, a high torsional stiffness and are easy to mount in even difficult installations. Typical applications are in motion control, e.g. in positioning systems, transport systems, optical systems, etc.

A main feature of these couplings is the ability to absorb radial displacement without bending. Since there is no persistent force from bending, bearing load is low.

The torque is transmitted by a "floating" moulded disc which absorb deflections. At the same time it acts as a mechanical safety fuse. Under serious overload, the disc fails, fracturing cleanly, and thus provides some degree of protection to personnel and machinery. The disc is easy to change and the entire construction, in which the parts can be pulled from one another, enables disassembly without removing the drive discs from axles.

These couplings require that both axles have sufficient support. They must not be used on long unsupported axle lengths and must not be used in pairs with an intermediate unsupported axle.