Servo Systems



Servo Systems - AxiomPlus PV Controller/Drive

Axiom® PV Servo Controller/Driver offers all-in-one space saving control

The Axiom® PV sequential motion controller offers intuitive yet sophisticated functionality. The PV features an integrated PLC, motion controller and drive for an all-in-one package with space saving advantages. Windows®-based software utilizes a point and click sequential program and PLC ladder logic editor, allowing programming without learning code.

The Axiom PV incorporates vector drive technology and is price competitive with integrated motion controllers/drives that do not offer PLC capability.



Electric Linear Motion - Planetary Gearboxes

  • Gearheads feature true helical gear design that increases tooth-to-tooth contact ratio for smooth, quiet operation
  • Decreased backlash
  • Compatible with 23- and 34-frame brushless servo or stepper motors
  • Gearheads available in standard 5:1 and 10:1 ratios
  • Lubricated with Nyogel 792D synthetic grease and sealed to IP65 standards to prevent leakage
  • Maintenance free


ICM Plus Integrated Control Motor/Drive/Controller


  • Indexer programming
  • Infinite positioning
  • Standard-alone operation
  • Mid-stroke positioning with sensors
  • Stepper mode (pulse/direction)
  • Anolog position mode
  • 100% duty cycle for continuous operation
  • 24 Vdc opto-isolated I/O, NPN or PNP
    • -8 Inputs
    • -2 Outputs
  • IP65 option - For protection against water and dust ingress