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We offer a comprehensive line of drive products and solutions that are designed to satisfy your needs, from the very simple fractional horsepower component to the large and complex multi-system drive architectures.

FR-A800 Series

Product Details


The A800 Series is Mitsubishi Electric's flagship inverter solution that delivers multi-use performance, accuracy and system flexibility in a ultra reliable hardware package designed for industrial use.

  • High Speed Response: With a speed response of 50Hz, A800 to respond to a change in motor load. A800 reacts to a speed signal much faster too - between 2 to 3 ms as opposed to 5 to 20 ms with A700.
  • Wide Speed Range: 200:1 speed range open loop, 1500:1 closed loop speed range.
  • Extended Maximum Speed: A standard A800 VFD can drive high speed motors at up to 590Hz, compared to the A700's 400Hz.
  • IPM Motor Control: Standard A800 VFDs can drive the new generation IPM (Internal Permanent Magnet) motors, such as the Marathon 'SyMAX' series.
  • Safety Stop: A800 is a SAFETY drive. "STO" capability enables SIL2 / PLd category emergency stops.
  • Compatible with USB stick: VFD settings can be easily uploaded or downloaded and 'black box' operating data at the time of a drive trip can be copied for diagnosis using the FR-Configurator software.
  • GOT interface: Automatic connectivity to GOT 2000 series GOTs without the need to change any parameters.
  • Improved PLC: A800 has a new internal PLC based around the Mitsubishi 'L series' processor. Instructions in the form of 'Function Blocks' can now be used.
  • Conformal Coating: All A800 VFDs have Conformal Coated boards as standard.

FR-F800 Series

Product Details


The F800 Series is a VFD range which has been optimized for maximum energy savings with pump and fan control. F800 is equally at home in an industrial environment or in the residential / commercial sector as part of an integrated HVAC solution.

  • NEMA 1 / UL-1 rated: F800 is Plenum-Rated and can be mounted as a stand-alone unit when required - no need to provide a separate enclosure*
  • Built-in BACnet MS/TP or Modbus RTU communications capability for simple integration into HVAC communication networks
  • Built-in filter to limit the effects of radio noise on sensitive equipment
  • Built-in PLC allows the drive to be customized to individual requirements and can avoid the need to have a separate master controller
  • Optimum Excitation Control. F800 uses vector drive technology to calculate motor load and ensures maximum energy savings, even if motor loading changes
  • 3 programmable skip frequencies - avoid points of mechanical resonance in ducting and pipework.
  • Drive settings can be uploaded or downloaded using a standard USB memory stick
  • Real-time clock. Drive trip messages are 'time stamped' for diagnostic purposes **
  • Bi-Directional Coasting Motor Restart - F800 can safely 'catch' and control a motor which is already spinning (in either direction) on start-up.
  • Advanced PID control features :
    • 2 Independent PID loops
    • Pre-Charge Mode
    • Sleep Mode
    • Multiple Motor control (up to 4)
    • Selectable response to 'loss of signal'
  • Control of high efficiency IPM motors
  • Advanced Power Monitoring capability including pulse train output
  • UL - approved rating for single phase operation (coming soon)
  • Out-of-range warning system detects broken drive belts and other potential mechanical problems

* Drive Sizes up to 40HP
** Requires the use of the FR-LU08 keypad

FR-A700 Series

Product Details


The A700 Series uses Mitsubishi Electric's RSV technology to give you class-leading power, control and flexibility for 575V and 690V motor applications.

  • Wide Speed Range: 200:1 operating range is possible - even when the drive is used 'open loop'
  • PLC Feature: A700 programmability provides true intelligence inside the drive - a simple solution for complex applications
  • Easy Gain Tuning: Compensates automatically for changes in load inertia to ensure smooth and consistent operation
  • Fast Response: Up to 300 radians / second speed response means lightning fast reaction to sudden load changes
  • USB Port: Allows simple connection to the new FR-Configurator Software for quick and easy commissioning
  • Power Down Braking: Keeps the motor under control even if the supply power is lost
  • Remote I / O Capability: All of the drive I/O can be read or controlled over a network
  • Brake Transistor Circuit: Included in all sizes up to 30 Hp
  • Integral Radio Filter: Limits Radio Noise emissions to meet EU Directive - all sizes of drive
  • Speed Control: with or without torque limit allows 200:1 Speed range, driving or overhauling
  • Open Loop Torque Control: including torque at zero speed
  • UL Listed for single-phase input

FR-F700 Series

Product Details


The F700 Series is developed specifically for the control of pumps and fans, and is equally at home in an industrial or commercial environment.

  • NEMA 1 UL Type 1 Enclosure Designs: Drive can be mounted as a stand-alone unit where required. (Plenum rated)
  • Built-in BACnet MS/TP
  • Built-in PLC; programs using GX Developer
  • Two I/O cards can be installed simultaneously
  • Remote I/O capability: All the drive I/O can be read or controlled over a network
  • Optional FR-PU07-01 keypad can be mounted remotely, display HAND/AUTO, and display the value of three monitors
  • Energy Savings: Optimum Excitation Control
  • 3 user programmable skip frequencies
  • Windmill start: Catch a reverse spinning load
  • Pre-charge mode
  • PID sleep mode
  • Second PID function
  • Regeneration avoidance
  • Built-in EMC filter: Conforms to EN61800-3 2nd environmental
  • UL Listed for single phase input

FR-E700 Series

Product Details


Big drive performance and functionality in a compact frame format.

  • Available in 115V, 240V and 480V up to 20HP
  • Advanced Magnetic Flux Vector Control for improved starting torque and smooth low speed motor operation
  • Auto-tuning allows improved performance using virtually any manufacturer's motor
  • All capacities include built-in brake chopper
  • Safety Stop function meets EN954-1 Category 3 and IEC60204-1 Stop Category 0
  • USB communications allow fast commissioning and troubleshooting
  • Standard RS-485 serial communications supporting Modbus® RTU
  • Sink / Source selectable I/O
  • Supports remote I/O function via network
  • Built-in PID Control
  • Delivers rated current at 50°C and 14.5kHz carrier frequency with minimal de-rating
  • 200% overload for 3 seconds
  • 0 to 10V analog output
  • CC-Link®, DeviceNet™, Profibus-DP, LonWorks®, EtherNet/IP
  • Standard 5 year warranty

FR-E700SC Series


The E700SC Series is the safe torque off (STO) version of the E700. The E700SC is 6mm deeper than the standard E700. It is otherwise functionally equivalent, and is compatible with connectivity and I/O options cards when paired with the correct SC version of the E kits. The E700SC Series is compact only with respect to size. Equipped with Advanced Flux Vector Control mode, it is ready to delivery serious performance. A standard 5 year warranty, means quality and reliability is more than assumed, it is guaranteed.

FR-D700 Series

Product Details


Powerful, simple to use and incredibly reliable, the D700 micro drive is in a league of its own.

  • Simple to Use: The D700 is perfect for a wide range of applications
  • Simple to Set Up: The integrated digital setting dial with display makes configuration fast and easy
  • Simple Operation: Control remotely or with the built-in digital control
  • Simple to Choose: Low cost and with Mitsubishi Electric quality ensuring long operation life
  • Capacity from 1/8 to 10 HP
  • Safety Stop function meets EN954-1 Category 3 and IEC60204-1 Stop Category 0
  • Integrated brake chopper circuit
  • Modbus RTU included as standard via the RJ45 port
  • 150% torque at 1Hz and 200% torque at 3Hz using General-purpose Magnetic Flux Vector Control
  • Optimum Excitation Control for increased energy savings when motor is not loaded
  • Frequency Search Function for catching a spinning load
  • Dancer Control allows position signal to control roll tension
  • Password Function for parameter setting protection
  • Internal diagnostics function for monitoring status of critical components
  • RoHS compliant
  • 10 year maintenance free design

Engineering Software

Product Details


A comprehensive setup and diagnostic software package that allows quick and simple drive set-up and troubleshooting.


Product Details


Auxiliary products for drive systems, such as dynamic brake resistors, chokes and reactors.

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