PF - Perfect Fit Low Profile External Mount


Pf Analog 


The Micropulse PF provides accurate, reliable linear position feedback in a sleek, low-profile housing. Incorporating time-tested, field-proven non-contact magnetostrictive technology, the Micropulse PF represents an unmatched combination of performance, usability, and value.


  • Scalable/invertable stroke up to 180"
  • Status LEDs
  • Floating or captive magnet can be used
  • Absolute, analog output
  • Low-profile, space-saving housing 
  • Non-contact magnetostrictive technology
  • 5-day standard delivery

IO-Link Output

Pf Io


The Micropulse PF linear position transducer provides absolute, non-contact position feedback in a low-profile, compact housing.  The digital IO-Link interface simplifies connection of data-intensive field devices to the most common industrial fieldbuses and networks, by utilizing a single-node master module to concentrate I/O signals from many field devices.


  • Digital IO-Link interface eliminates electrical noise and grounding issues associated with traditional analog signals
  • Fast 1 ms position updates and simple, on-the-fly configuration and diagnostics over IO-Link v1.1
  • Precise 5 µm resolution with measuring lengths up to 180" (4572 mm)
  • Cost-effective connection using industry-standard 4-pole unshielded M12 cordsets


Available in: Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, W  Missouri, Texas, New Mexico, Alabama, Mississippi & NW  Florida