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Passive Distribution

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Passive distribution systems from Murrelektronikprovide solutions for complex fault-prone wiring in the field terminal boxes. Our distributors with plastic or metal housings are universally installable. All passive distributors are pretested. Continuously plugged and preterminated cables make the wiring of sensors and actuators quick and easy. Distributors from Murrelektronik help you to significantly reduce your installation and maintenance costs.

Exact8 - exactly your application: Our new M8 distributor Exact8 has an extremely narrow design - it's only 30 mm wide. It is fully potted and its new housing offers a wide variety of possible installations. The Exact8 family comprises 4-way to 10-way distributors in 3- and 4-pole versions. The distributors can be ordered with a fixed, potted main cable or with a hood with click closure that can be fitted without tools.

MVP12 - for universal applications: With the MVP12 family, Murrelektronik offers a wide range of passive M12 distributors designed for universal use in materials handling and assembly systems, test systems, or in robotics.

MVP12-M - for tough cases: For particularly tough environments, we offer the extremely robust and totally potted MVP12 metal distributor. It can be fitted close to the process by a fixed main cable or M23 plug connectors. The MVP12-M family also includes intelligent diagnostic distributors, fully shielded variants, distributors for nominal voltages up to 125 VAC/VDC, and ATEX-II 3 G/D approved variants.

MSDS - for the safety-conscious: 2-channel EMERGENCY OFF pushbuttons can be quickly and easily connected to the Murrelektronik Safety Distribution System using preterminated M12 cables. The distributor links the pushbuttons automatically to an EMERGENCY OFF loop. The MSDS offers visual feedback indicating which EMERGENCY OFF pushbutton was pressed.


Connection Technology

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In the field of sensor/actuator connectivity,Murrelektronik offers you an extremely wide range of cable types and colors. M8/M12 round plugs are quick and easy to install to fit with a torque wrench. Valve connectors from Murrelektronik are designed for all types of valves. They are fitted with captive seals and have an integrated LED and protection circuit. In the field of M12 connections, Murrelektronik offers the MQ12 - a unique quick-lock system that fits any sensor. The M12 Steel is a plug connector that meets the extremely high demands of the food and beverage industry.