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 Balluff Ethernet


Based on Ethernet, EtherNet/IP is considerably faster than DeviceNet and facilitates the integration of drive technology. Furthermore, EtherNet/IP can be quickly installed and integrated in existing networks. In addition to time savings and considerable cost savings comes the added benefit of ease of operation. Only Balluff products can program IP addresses of the Ethernet blocks with a display and the display can be locked to protect against accidental changes.

Balluff EtherNet/IP Benefits:

  • Easy, flexible IP addressing methods
  • Quick installation and integration
  • Cost effective
  • Faster than DeviceNet
  • Easy operation


Balluff Devicenet


For a simple choice of outstanding network components, Balluff offers the entire spectrum of high-performance network technology. For applications in the USA, such as with Rockwell Automation and other controller manufacturers, you will find all modules for efficient DeviceNet installation at Balluff. You save time, resulting in lower costs. High-quality connectors and compatible accessories are required to create an efficient DeviceNet system. Balluff offers all the components you need for constructing and supporting a first-class DeviceNet network. From industrial RFID processors for plant floor data tracking to Micropulse® linear transducers for precision measurement applications, Balluff offers many solutions for use on your industrial DeviceNet network.



Balluff Net 


Thanks to Profinet, industrial automation has developed significantly. Profinet works on the basis of Ethernet and is significantly faster than Profibus. Profinet can be combined with Profibus with no further effort. Profinet ensures freedom of installation and guarantees simplified wiring, consistent diagnostics, and central configuration. With time gains and tangible cost benefits so that the connection technology itself significantly improves process quality.