The MELFA Assista is Mitsubishi Electric’s newest robot offering, specifically created to work in a cooperative environment. Assista is a collaborative robot that can share a workspace with human interaction for a wide variety of applications. Easy control, programming, and connectivity provide operators with the skills they need to interact with this robot quickly and efficiently.


Simple and Easy


This robot will change your perception of what a "robot" is and how it works. With more flexibility, not only is the MELFA ASSISTA is simpler and easier, it can share a workspace with humans.  



Straight forward operation button make programming a breeze. LED on the arm of the robot will display the status of the robot.



With MELFA ASSISTA there is no need for expertise. Use intuitive operations with RT-Visual-Box to create programs. "Visual Programs" is a software that allows operators to program the robot with a "train by demonstration" interface. This allows them to move the robot arm position and set way-points with ease.



ASSISTA offers a wide variety of Vision, Component-Grippers, Fingers, and other peripherals-developed by a group of organizations know as MELKA Robot Partners. This robot can also be configured to move freely as part of an AGV/AMR or as a mobile robot.