Capacitive Sensors


CONTRINEX-Capacitive -Proximity -Switches



Contrinex Basic range capacitive sensors deliver not only a reliable solution for all kinds of level sensing tasks but also for object detection and positioning of virtually all materials. All capacitive sensors from Contrinex come with a potentiometer to ensure an easy setup. They are available in cylindrical housings sized from M12 to M30 and cubic forms with sensing distances of up to 70mm.

  • Synthetic housings
  • For the detection of all kind of materials
  • Adjustable operating distances
  • Easy potentiometer set-up
  • 4-wire device


High Performance

CONTRINEX-Capacitive -High -Performance       


Contrinex High Performance capacitive sensors deliver a solution even for the most difficult sensing tasks. All models come with an extended medium optimized operating distance for an improved switching behavior.

  • Metal or PTFE housing
  • Medium optimized performance
  • FDA compliant housings for hygienic applications
  • Reliable detection of viscous and sticky materials
  • Adjustable operating distances
  • 3- and 4-wire devices