High-Temperature-Resistant Capacitive Sensors

High Temp

Balluff also has high-performance capacitive sensors for use at high temperatures. Our high-temperature-resistant capacitive sensors are ideal for detecting the fill level of liquids, pastes, and powders at temperatures of up to 250 ºC. To enable these high-temperature-resistant sensors to withstand these extreme conditions, their housings are made from stainless steel and the sensor heads are made from PTFE. In addition, the sensors work with a special triax sensor line and a separate amplifier.

High-temperature-resistant capacitive sensors

  • For high temperatures of up to 250 °C
  • Suitable for fill level detection for e.g. pellets in dryers (plastics industry)
    and for object detection for hot materials in clamping jaws

Available in: Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, W Missouri, Texas, New Mexico, Alabama, Mississippi & NW Florida