Balluff Strokemaster® Cylinder Position Sensors

Strokemaster® Inductive Cylinder Sensors

Balluff's Strokemaster® cylinder-position sensors provide precision end-of-stroke sensing for hydraulic cylinders. The sensor body allows 304° of rotation to eliminate the hassle of postinstallation cable management, which in some competitive designs requires unbolting the flange and breaking the hydraulic seal.

A high-pressure, inductive proximity sensor, the Strokemaster provides a 2mm (0.08") sensing range to detect the "spud" of hydraulic/ pneumatic cylinders and indicate fully retracted or extended position. It mounts with two socket-head cap screws and seals with a Viton O-ring. Withstanding cylinder pressures up to 3000 PSI (207 bar), the embeddable design keeps most of the switch protected within the cylinder, with only a 0.62" (16 mm) high housing exposed outside.

Strokemaster sensors are available in 3-wire DC and 2-wire AC/DC versions, both with mini or micro connectors. Switching frequency is 50 Hz for the AC/DC versions. All units are weld-field immune, short-circuit, and reverse polarity protected. They fit all popular cylinder designs, with standard available probe lengths of 0.912" - 4.560" (23.165mm - 115.8mm). Custom probe lengths can be achieved by using factory spacer kits. Probes are made of stainless steel with a high-strength ceramic face. Both DC and AC/DC sensors have all-metal housings. The Strokemaster sensor is CE-certified, and its housing is sealed to IP67 requirements.


Strokemaster® DC Sn 2 mm

Flush Mounting; Rated Operating Distance Sn: 2mm, Assured Operating Distance Sa: 0 to 1.6 mm


Strokemaster® AC/DC Sn 2 mm

Flush Mounting; Rated Operating Distance Sn: 2mm, Assured Operating Distance Sa: 0 to 1.6 mm

Strokemaster® Installation

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Available in: Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, W Missouri, Texas, New Mexico, Alabama, Mississippi & NW Florida