Magnetic Field Sensors

Balluff BMF Magnetic Field Sensors
  • Proven magnetoresistive (MR) and giant magnetoresistive (GMR) technologies
  • Compact size, perfect for short stroke cylinders and mini grippers
  • Low hysteresis, precise switch points
  • Shock and vibration resistant
  • High noise immunity
  • Reliable position detection, even at high speeds
  • LIFETIME warranty
Substantial savings when using two sensors on one cylinder
  • One, four-conductor cable verses two, three-conductor cables
  • Less installation hardware
  • Fewer wiring terminations
  • Less installation time
  • Lower initial costs compared to two separate sensors
  • Double the number of sensors into a multiple interface block or sensor hub


Global Magnet




  • Local service and support from Balluff authorized distributors 
  • Multiple housing styles
  • C-slot and T-slot single sensors
  • C-slot and T-slot V-Twin sensors
  • Mounting brackets for T-slot sensor for tie rod and round body cylinders
  • Quick-disconnect or cable out styles

C-Slot& T-Slot






BMF 204 - Designed for 3.8 mm C-slot
BMF 214 - Designed for 4 mm C-slot

  • Slides into the C-slot from the end
  • Superior holding strength
  • Miniature design for short stoke cylinders and grippers
  • Precise accurate positioning

BMF 273 - Easy installation for C-slots

  • Installs from above into the slot-drop-in installation
  • Installs with standard screwdriver or 1.3 mm Allen wrench
  • Clutched mounting screw prevents over-tightening
  • Precise, accurate positioning

C-Slot & T-Slot

Bracket Required





BMF 103 - Optimized for short stroke cylinders and grippers

  • Perpendicular mounting for very short linear footprint
  • Extremely compact size-shortest housing on the market
  • Schunk gripper versions available (tuned for Schunk magnets)
  • Two sensors can be installed as close together as 5 mm

BMF 303 - Miniature, flush mounting

  • Flush mounting-disappears into the slot
  • Precise, accurate positioning
  • Schunk gripper versions available (tuned for Schunk magnets)