Analog Line Sensors

Analog Line

Balluff's advanced measuring line sensor provides a cost effective way to sense product width, edge detection, hole location, and web loop tension. With both discrete and analog outputs, this specialized retroreflective photoelectric sensor projects a measuring line of light onto a strip of special reflective tape, which it then uses to measure and locate key attributes of an object. The sensor's 0.15 mm resolution makes it ideal for error proofing, sheet feed control, web control, and a wide range of packaging tasks.

Three basic modes:

Edge Position Mode
Detects the position of an object passing over the tape - ideal for strip feed positioning of objects made of materials as different as paper or steel. This mode can also provide the distance from a hole to one of the edges of an object.

Width Detection Mode
Provides the distance between the two edges of an object, such as a pipe or a group of objects (stacks of blister packs). For objects that are more than 150 mm wide, two sensors can be used to provide the measurement.

Center Positioning Mode
Detects the center of an object independent of that object's width.


Analog Line2


Detecting Edge Position

Once the edges of the reflective tape are calibrated, the percentage of the tape covered by an object gives the sensor an accurate location of the object's edge without the need of feeler gauges or mechanical contact with the object.


Analog Line3

Measuring Object Width

Once the length of the reflective tape is calibrated, the percent of tape blocked by the object gives the sensor the width of the object. This provides a lower cost width measurement than can be had with a vision system.



Available in: Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, W Missouri, Texas, New Mexico, Alabama, Mississippi & NW Florida