UltraFrame Series

Ultra Frame

Fork light sensors
C / U slot or fork sensors are universal self-contained through-beam sensors with slot widths from 5 mm up to 220 mm. Specialty versions are available for clear glass detection and fluid detection through transparent container walls.

Angle sensors
Angle self-contained through-beam photoelectric sensors are the best for large or varying size objects, two axis movements, and confined space applications. Leg lengths vary from 40 mm x 40 mm to 110 x 110 mm.

Optical window sensors
Window self-contained through beam photoelectric sensors are perfect for counting small parts. The dynamic output of this sensor will "turn-on with detection of movement of an object into the sensing area, based on the setting of the sensitivity potentiometer. This output will remain on for a use-selected period of time set by the digital potentiometer. The output will then turn-off until the next transition of an object entering the sensing area is seen.

Available in: Arkansas, Kansas, Oklahoma, W Missouri, Texas, New Mexico, Alabama, Mississippi & NW Florida