Screw Assemblies

Ballscrew Assembly

Screw Assembly 1 



  • Extra-quiet running thanks to optimized ball pickup from the guideway
  • Uniform functioning based on the principle of total internal recirculation
  • Large number of balls for high load capacities
  • D x n parameters of 150 000 now permit highly dynamic applications
  • Effective seals with wiping action
  • Trouble-free installation of nuts
  • Large range of items available from stock
  • Five-day express delivery available on request


Planetary Screw Assembly

Screw Assembly 2 



  • high load-bearing capacity and stiffness due to numerous, large contact surfaces
  • low-noise operation due to guided planets
  • small installation space due to increased power density
  • reduced lubricant consumption and good environmental protection thanks to effective seals
  • different nut designs available