ROLLON Linear Rails

Compact Rail




COMPACT RAIL features inductive hardened rails. This system is ideal for high processing speeds, long service life specifications and noiseless operation.

  • Three rail types, T, K and U profiles, allow for compensation of inherent misalignment, e.g. machine tool housing
  • Internal raceways result in compact dimensions
  • Two slider types: N-series with aluminum die-cast bodies and C-series with steel bodies
  • Lubricated-for-life roller bearings
  • Resistant to dirt and other common debris
  • Suitable for applications with speeds up to 9 m/s
  • Rail width sizes: 18mm, 28mm, 43mm and 63mm
  • Adjustable preload



Telescopic Esploso



Telescopic rails with optimal running properties thanks to inductively hardened raceways. TELESCOPIC RAILS exhibit negligible deflection while under very heavy loads; even when fully extended.

  • Six different series (DS, DE, DBN, DMS, ASN, LTF)
  • Torsionally rigid intermediate elements with S-shaped, double-T, or squared sections
  • Over-extending, full or partial telescopic strokes are available
  • In the DMS63 Series the supported load can reach 2,000kg per pair.
  • Extremely low deflection and smoothness of movement even in high load, 24/7 applications
  • Some Series can be locked in the closed position



Easy Rail

Easy Esploso



The EASY RAIL system, consisting of a rail, one or more sliders and one or more ball cages; is particularly easy to install as well as being reliable and economical. Many different geometric combinations are supported by different rail lengths within each size range.

  • Five rail width sizes: 22mm, 28mm, 35mm, 43mm and 63mm
  • Inductively hardened internal raceways
  • High static and dynamic load ratings
  • Resistant to shocks and vibrations even in 24/7 applications
  • Standard rail lengths up to 1,970mm available depending on installation sizes; different lengths upon request



X Esploso



The stainless steel X-RAIL system is corrosion-resistant and insensitive to scratches and shocks. The rollers are lubricated for life.

  • Three rail width sizes: 20mm, 30mm and 45mm
  • Standard rail lengths up to 3,120mm; different lengths upon request
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Combination of T and U rails for self-aligning bearing applications
  • Easily adjustable slider preload
  • Polymer based wipers available for added roller bearing protection (stainless steel version)
  • High temperature resistance up to 120°C/250°F



Curvi Esploso


Different versions, with constant or variable radius, make CURVILINE ideal for applications such as curved machine housings, door systems in trains or boats, or customized packaging units.

  • Two rail widths: 16mm and 23mm
  • Zinc plated rails and sliders as per ISO 2081
  • Strokes over 3,000mm
  • Straight and curved paths in one rail
  • Sliders with four rollers, arranged in pairs, maintain the preload over the whole length of the rail
  • Parts as per drawing, customized for each application


Avaliable in TX, OK, LA, AR