ROLLON Telescopic Rails

Telescopic Rail

Telescopic Esploso1



Telescopic rails with optimal running properties thanks to inductively hardened raceways. TELESCOPIC RAILS exhibit negligible deflection while under very heavy loads; even when fully extended.

  • Six different series (DS, DE, DBN, DMS, ASN, LTF)
  • Torsionally rigid intermediate elements with S-shaped, double-T, or squared sections
  • Over-extending, full or partial telescopic strokes are available
  • In the DMS63 Series the supported load can reach 2,000kg per pair.
  • Extremely low deflection and smoothness of movement even in high load, 24/7 applications
  • Some Series can be locked in the closed position


Light Rail

Light Esploso1


Light Rail is a lightweight product line with full or partial extensions; available in steel or aluminum.

  • Optional locking mechanism for open or closed positions
  • Various designs, maximum stroke 1,100mm
  • Telescopic extraction up to 105% of the closed slide length



Available in TX, OK, LA, AR