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High precision, special purpose spindles have been produced by the team in Kuroda Jena Tec for over 40 years. Experienced in standard and special purpose designs, Kuroda Jena Tec can provide a wide range of spindles for grinding, milling, turning and boring. Units can be designed and manufactured up to 100,000rpm oil/lubricated or 40,000rpm grease lubricated with HSK, ISO or BT tooling systems. Temperature measurement, vibration monitoring, encoder and integral balancing systems can be incorporated as optional features.



Multi -head -spindle 



The SYSTEMATIC Multi Head range exclusively designed and manufactured by Kuroda Jena Tec provides a wide range of engineered solutions for High Productivity Machining. Our experienced engineers can design or retrofit our multi head components into your machining centres or transfer lines to maximise the productivity demands of today's environment, offering you time and cost savings in your manufacturing process.