Wittenstein - Rack and Pinion Systems

Wittenstein Rack and Pinion

Wittenstein moves the classic system of rack and pinion back into the fast lane by offering the right gearhead & rack and pinion combination for every application. Whether your requirement is low-cost or high-end, linear motion is available to suit your specific application.

A quick overview of Wittenstein's three levels of systems is:

  • Value Class - m2 - m10 (length of up to 2 meter)
  • Smart Class - m2 - m4 (length of up to 480mm)
  • Premium Class - m2 - m6 (length of up to 500mm)

Looking for a linear system offering low mass movements of inertia, high dynamic performance and unlimited travel distance? Look no further. The future of linear motion is from Wittenstein.

Wittenstein Value Class

Value Class Rack

For standard linear applications in mid-range/low-cost applications. The economic line of Wittenstein's rack is the Value Class rack - offering performance and dynamics for low-duty applications. If you are looking at basic linear motion, then this is the product to complete your application.

New Value Class Rack options:

  • m2 - m10
  • Customized length and bolt pattern
  • Helical and spur gear technology
  • Quality levels from DIN Q6 through DIN Q10 (ground and hardened)

Wittenstein Smart Class

Smart Class Rack

For positioning options with more design freedom in flexible applications.

Wittenstein's innovative smart rack opens up a world of new possibilities for mechanical linear motion. Smart systems are solution-oriented and able to be mounted in various positions, allowing you to achieve maximum performance in more ways.
  • The absence of the mounting edge allows simple and uncomplicated mounting of the rack parallel to the machine guide.
  • The 60 mm hole pattern and length of 480 mm are compatible with the hole patterns on linear guides produced by well-known manufacturers and enable the implementation of modular machine concepts.
Wittenstein Premium Class

Premium Class Rack

For demanding requirements with regard to dynamics and accuracy in high-end applications.

Ultimate linear motion performance can be achieved with Premium Class rack systems from Wittenstein. For high-duty applications requiring optimal positioning accuracy and dynamics.


Wittenstein Pinion


Wittenstein's state-of-the-art technology and superior manufacturing processes allow Customers the next generation in rack and pinion systems.

Our specialist knowledge extends beyond supplying components to designing and supplying complete linear systems.


  • Machine Precision - System Offering
  • 1um - 5um = Master/Slave: TP System with Premium Class pinion and Premium Class rack
  • 5um - 20um = TP System with Premium Class pinion and Premium Class rack
  • 20um - 50um = TP output with Premium Class RTP pinion and Premium/Smart Class rack
  • 50um - 100um = SP System with Premium Class pinion and Premium/Smart Class rack
  • 100um - 200um = SP Involute with Standard Class pinion and Value/Smart Class rack
  • 200 um + = Key output with Value Class pinion and Value/Smart Class rack

For product reference and support view the Wittenstein Rack and Pinion product brochure or the Wittenstein Rack and Pinion operating manual.