Haskel AG Series Gas Boosters are a self-contained automatically reciprocating positive displacement drive/pump assembly. The drive is a large piston/valve assembly and is directly connected to dry running, hydrocarbon free single or dual pumping pistons with self lubricating PTFE seals running in stainless steel barrels with integral check valves. The area of the drive exceeds the area of the pump by various ratios (depending on the model) thereby providing the pressure "boost" using relatively low pressure air or gas to the drive. Exhaust mufflers are standard on all models. If the gas is valuable, the drive exhaust can be recovered against back pressures up to 100 PSIG (with minor modifications).

Typical Application
A typical application for the Haskel Gas Booster is to utilize all of the gas out of a pressurized cylinder. Purchased gas is received in pressurized cylinder; or directly off a pipeline; or held liquefied at lower pressures for delivery from a vaporizer. The typical requirement is to utilize the gas purchased in a cylinder to as low a pressure as economically practical while boosting to the required process or test pressure.


Available in: Alabama, Arkansas, N.W. Florida, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas