Evo8 21

Enerpac has set the control standard with the new generation of their multi-functional synchronous lifting system: the EVO-System – the evolutionary result of more than 25 years experience in specialized hydraulic engineering and lifting technology using digitally controlled hydraulics.

The application possibilities are infinite with the EVO-system, powering interlinked hydraulic cylinders. The EVO-System has 9 work modes: Manual, Pre-Load, Automatic, Retract Fast, Depressurize, Tilting, Stage Lift, Weighing and Center of Gravity. Weighing and Center of Gravity determination are part of the EVO-W Weighing System.


  • Management of lifting operations from a central control system improves safety and operational productivity.
  • Modular lifting system to control 4, 8 or 12 lifting points
  • Connect to single- or double-acting cylinders with the same or different lifting capacities
  • PLC-controlled system with integrated 700 bar hydraulic power unit, 3,0 kW motor, 250 litres reservoir
  • Network capability to link up to 4 HPUs to a separate master control box via wireless control
  • Intuitive user interface with touch screen providing easy set up, control and navigation
  • Data storage and recording capabilities
  • Variable frequency drive motor (VDFM) and PLC for precise synchronization and oil flow control.

EVO-W Weighing System:

  • Weighing applications with 1% accuracy
  • Includes calibrated sensors and replaces the need for load cells.
  • Reads information from external load cells connected to the system
  • Parameters for “waiting time for stabilization” and “number of cycles”.


  • Precise control of multiple lift points
  • Safe and efficient movement of loads
  • Ease of operation and user friendly
  • A single operator controls the entire operation
  • Monitoring and Data Recording
  • Displays data of the operation
  • Data recording at user-defined intervals
  • Data storage and read-out for reporting
  • Network capability and Ethernet IP protocol
  • Enerpac global coverage ensures local support

Model Number Lifting Points Weighing Center of Gravity Oil Flow
at 2,900 psi
Oil Flow
at 10,000 psi
(g/min) (g/min)
EVO421380 4 2.93 0.55
EVO821380 8 2.93 0.55
EVO1221380 12 2.93 0.55
EVO440380 4 2.93 1.06
EVO840380 8 2.93 1.06
EVO1240380 12 2.93 1.06
EVO421380W 4 yes yes 2.93 0.55
EVO821380W 8 yes yes 2.93 0.55
EVO1221380W 12 yes yes 2.93 0.55
EVO440380W 4 yes yes 2.93 1.06
EVO840380W 8 yes yes 2.93 1.06
EVO1240380W 12 yes yes 2.93 1.06