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Air Breathers

Schroeder ABF and MBF style air breathers feature large pleated surface areas which remove airborne particles as small as three microns with exceptional dirt holding capacity.  Higher dirt holding capacities extend the life of the air breather and thus the length of time between servicing.


Desiccant Air Breather (D-AB)

The Schroeder desiccant air breathers are designed to increase operational efficiency while reducing operating costs by protecting industrial systems from moisture and particle contaminants.


Desiccant Air Breather (DBE)

The DBE (with extended service life) was mainly developed for wind industry applications.The special features of the filter are the two separated chambers storing two adsorbent types with different water holding capacities and response behavior. Four check valves can be integrated in the filter bottom in order to protect the adsorbent material avoiding saturation during system's downtime. The dirt holding capacity of the filter is increased through the star-pleated air breather filter element. All included new features contribute to an extended lifetime of the breather dryer.


Plastic Air Breather (PABR7P3W)


  • Visual analog indicator that shows the current contamination level as a percentage
  • Replaceable element - only the element is replaced, cutting down on the overall operating costs
  • Threaded connection fits 3/4" NPTF