OFCS & OFCD SeriesSingle & Dual Stage Filtration Systems


A great product just got better! HYDAC's new generation of portable filtration carts offer many new features to the user.
The OFCS and OFCD Series are compact, self-contained filtration system equipped with high efficiency, high capacity elements capable of removing particulate contamination and/or water quickly, conveniently and economically. It is perfect for cleaning up existing systems as well as for prefiltering new fluids, since new fluids often have contamination levels significantly higher than that recommended for most hydraulic systems.
The most attractive feature of the new OFCS and OFCD Series is the significant reduction in noise, being reduced from 91 decibels to 72 decibels at full load. Additional improvements include a modular base that eliminates hoses and fittings between components, a drip pan, and easier element servicing.
The OFCS single filtration unit can remove either water or particulate contamination. The OFCD dual filtration unit can be used to remove both water and particulate contamination, or for staged particulate contaminant removal.



  • Modular base eliminates hoses between components and minimizes leakage
  • Base-ported filter provides easy element service from the top cap
  • Cleans up oil faster - 7 gpm and 14 gpm models available
  • Ten-foot hose and extension tubes included
  • Viton® available (1" dia. for 7 gpm; 1.25" dia. for 14 gpm)
  • Drip pan catches oil before it falls to the ground
  • Integral suction strainer protects pump
  • Off-line stationary system available
  • 27" Housing Standard
HYDAC OFCS Filtration System HYDAC OFCD Filtration System


OF7 SeriesHand Held Portable Filter


A low noise vane pump is directly flanged to the electrical motor and fixed to an aluminum housing with a foot bracket. The suction line has a cleanable wire screen strainer for pump protection. An AC motor is standard, DC optional.

Multi-Pass Filtration Efficiency Ratings for Betamicron® Elements (to ISO 4572)

  • Beta Ratios for differential pressures above the indicator trip pressure are shown to demonstrate particle removal at high differential pressures.
  • Beta Ratios for many competitive elements drastically deteriorate at high differential pressure.

The OF7 is ideal for maintaining construction and agricultural machinery, off-highway vehicles and trucks. It is equally useful for
servicing a wide variety of industrial equipment.
The standard OF7 incorporates a highly efficient Betamicron® spin-on filter element with a 10 μm absolute rating. Elements with other ratings are available. Other features of the unit include:

  • Relief valve in housing.
  • Static pressure gauge clogging indicator.
  • Element easily replaced with strap wrench.

The OF7S90 high viscosity unit features a motor with higher power, a size 180 spin-on element as well as a special frame adapted to the larger component sizes.

The portable OF7 filtration unit is a compact filter/pump device used for transferring and filtering hydraulic fluids. It can be used for:

  • Removing water from oil
  • Changing oil in hydraulic systems.
  • Filling hydraulic systems with filtered oil.
  • Off-line filtration of hydraulic systems with inadequate filtering capacity.
  • Flushing of small hydraulic systems