CF Series
Manifold Cartridge Filters
3000 PSI • Up to 25 GPM

Hydac_CF Series Filters


  • Made of aluminum for light weight and low cost.
  • Made to throw away when fully clogged.
  • Low price - market competitive.

Technical Details

Port Connections

SAE-16 Modified Cavity
SAE-20 Cavity (VC20-S3)
Direction of Flow Outside to Inside Flow
Materials of Construction Aluminum
Flow Capacity
5 GPM (15 micron - absolute media)
2.5 GPM recommended design flow - Absolute
12 GPM (25, 149 micron - wire screen media)
12 GPM (15 micron - absolute media)
6 GPM recommended design flow - Absolute
25 GPM (25, 149 micron - wire screen media)
Housing Pressure Rating
Maximum Operating Pressure
Proof Pressure

3000 psi (207 bar)
4500 psi (310 bar)
Element Performance Rating

250 psid (17 bar)
Fluid Temperature Range -22° to 250°F (-30° to 121°C)
Fluid Compatability
Compatible with all petroleum oils and synthetic fluids rated for use with Fluoro-Rubber seals. Contact HYDAC for information on special housing and element constructions available for use with water glycols, oil/water emulsions, and HWBF.