MFM Series
Inline Filters
4000 PSI • Up to 30 GPM

Hydac_MFM Series Filter


  • Because of their efficient design and construction, MFM filters are considered a cost effective solution for new equipment, or as a replacement for filters already specified on existing equipment.
  • The MFM filter is available in 4 sizes comprised of four different bowl and element lengths. The models 35, 55, 75, and 95, provide maximum flow rates of 10, 18, 25, and 30 GPM respectively.
  • A quick-response by-pass valve protects against high differential pressures caused by cold start-ups, flow surges and pressure spikes.
  • The high bypass pressure setting (100 psid) minimizes the possibility of contamination due to premature bypassing.
  • Filters may be specified with or without a clogging indicator. Both Visual and electrical indicators are available. Standard indicators actuate at 72 psid.
  • Filter materials are compatible with all mineral, lubricating oils, and commonly used fire retardant fluids per ISO 2943.
  • Fatigue pressure rating equals maximum allowable working pressure rating.

Technical Details

Mounting Method 4 Mounting Holes - Filter Head
Port Connection SAE-12, 3/4˝ BSPP
Flow Direction
Inlet: Side Outlet: Side
(opposite each other)
Construction Materials

Ductile Iron
Flow Capacity

10 gpm   (35 lpm)
18 gpm   (68 lpm)
25 gpm   (95 lpm)
30 gpm (113 lpm)
Housing Pressure Rating
Max. Operating Pressure
Proof Pressure
Fatigue Pressure

Burst Pressure

4000 psi (280 bar)
6000 psi (400 bar)
4000 psi (280 bar) @ 1 million cycles
4600 psi (320 bar) @ 100,000 cycles
13,920 psi (960 bar)
Element Collapse Pressure Rating

250 psid (17 bar)
Fluid Temperature Range -22° to 250°F (-30° to 121°C)
Fluid Compatability
Compatible with all petroleum oils and synthetic fluids rated for use with Fluoroelastomer or Ethylene Propylene seals. Contact HYDAC for information on special housing and element constructions available for use with water glycols, oil/water emulsions, and HWBF.
Indicator Trip Pressure
ΔP = 72 psid (5 bar) - 10%
Bypass Valve Cracking Pressure
ΔP = 100 psid (7 bar) + 10% (Standard)