Pleated stainless wire elements are housed in Y-shaped housings for four times the element area of a typical Y-strainer.  For suction and return line service. Pipe sizes 1/2 thru 2 in., with a choice of element ratings down to 25 micron. Y-6 is now available in aluminium and stainless steel ( See Price List ).



The ultimate in sensible, workable suction and return line hydraulic (or other) fluids. Elements offered from 60-mesh wire to 3-micron paper. They are serviced through a clean-out cover. Housings are low-cost, large-diameter steel tubes. Port sizes from 1 to 3-in. NPT.


The Texas Filter

Designed for large-volume hydraulic fluid suction or return line service filtration, these are BIG Texas-size filters, with first-quality, large-area, cleanable filter elements in a low-cost package. Available in three sizes, with flow rate capacities to nearly 700 gpm and port sizes to six inches. Connections are female NPT.


Spin-on Filters

Industry-standard units; cans interchange with other manufacturer's. Max. flows of 33 and 100 gpm, pressures to 150 psi.   Die-cast aluminum heads have NPT ports, and bypass valves.


Meltblown Nonwoven Filter Cartridges

Meltblown nonwovens are highly engineered fabrics made of fine synthetic fibers that have been thermally bonded to form a web structure.  Filtration is the fastest growing end use markets for nonwovens, both liquid and air.  This is a process for producing fibrous webs directly from polymers using high velocity air to soothe the filaments.

We offer a full range of pleated filters with meltblown polyester and polypropylene media.  These cartridges provide high solid loading capacity and long service life.  Where cost efficiency is a must, choose our meltblown filter cartridges.

Filtration levels are available in 1, 3, 5, 10, 20, 30, and 40 micron.  End cap configuration options are double open end, single open end, single open end with aligning fin, and single open end with either double -222 or -226 o-rings.  We can also supply plastisol end caps in double open end.  The core is polypropylene.  Standard OD of all cartridges is     2 ½."

The temperature rating of the cartridges is 225°F/105°C.  Pressure rating is 150 psi with the recommended pressure drop for servicing rated at 35 psid max.



High-pressure Inline Filters

For use at pressures up to 3,000 psi. Three filter elements are available: pleated cellulose, pleated wire mesh, or spiral-welded mesh. Standard micron rating is 63 (nominal). Housings made in anodized aluminum, steel, or stainless steel.


Replacement Lube Filters

For filtering lubricant and coolant on machine tools, this high-quality filter replaces units made by Purolator, Cincinnati Milacron and Danly, at substantial savings. The sealed metal cannister contains a high-density, pure cellulose filter element with over 400 square inches of filtering surface.


Tee-Ezy Filters

With your piping and our Tee-Ezy Kit, you will have a true filtering system for slightly more than you would pay for a common sump strainer and the same amount of pipe, fittings, and labor. Elements can be cleaned or replaced without draining the tank.


Oil Absorbing Insert Cartridge

If the process fluid in your system is water, there may be a possibility of oil getting into it.  This is a simple, inexpensive way to improve the quality of the water in your system.  "Oil Absorbing Cartridges" are made of a thick loft, large fiber, polypropylene meltblown media with a polypropylene perforated core.  They repel water while absorbing up to 25 times their own weight in oil and other petroleum based fluids.  The are also great for cleaning up oil spills and removing trace contaminants.

"Oil Absorbing Cartridges" can also be used to dam up shop oil spills.  When used in combination with filter bags in a process bag filter housing, it can help keep your system oil free.

Standard are bag sizes 1 and 2.  Custom sizes can be made upon request.  Standard part numbers are:

OAC1 - size 1 (15" oal, 3" od)
OAC2 - size 2 (30" oal, 3" od)



In-line Disc Filters

For use in line where very low flow rates exist. Unit is only 1 inch in diameter and 1-3/4 inches long.


All Plastic Strainers

Flow Ezy offers, in addition to polypropylene bag filters, Y-strainers, simplex and duplex strainers in PVC and CPVC.   Consult with a sales representative for more information.


Custom Filter

Flow Ezy Filters - Custom Filter Division has been custom manufacturing filters since 1945. We specialize in custom filters, strainer baskets, and pleated filter bags for a wide variety of industries including hydraulic, fluid power, waste and recreational water, power generation, food and beverage, and nuclear power. All of the latest materials and techniques are applied to servicing your filtering needs.