PrePump and Suction

Suction side filtration with negligible pressure drop and without risk of pump cavitation or resonance. Protection for not only the primary pump, but for the full system. A unique product with unique benefits providing a fit and forget solution.



The Magnom™ PumpMate Magnetic Filter (Magnetic Suction Strainer) is specifically designed to protect hydraulic pumps on the suction side, inside the tank (reservoir).

The patented design filters the suction side of pumps. Unlike a standard Suction Strainer which really is NOT a filter Magnom™ provides the performance of a 1 micron absolute hydraulic filter cartridge on the suction side of a pump. This is accomplished without wash-off of collected particles as seen with standard magnetic filters, suction strainers or standard hydraulic filters.

This is a generational leap in technology for the protection of critical hydraulic and lubrication pumps with virtually no pressure drop or restriction to flow, even when the PumpMate unit is 'full' of contaminant.

With negligible risk of pump cavitation, the Magnom™ PumpMate removes fine ferrous and some nonferrous materials to sub-micron levels and has a very high contaminant holding capacity, offering OEMs and Operators a true 'fit and forget' solution.

Part Number Connection Size Weight   Dimension A Dimension B  
555103005 1" NPT 21 oz. Pump Mate Drawing 3.37" 3.12" STOCKED ITEM
555103008 1 1/4" NPT 21 oz. 3.37" 3.12" STOCKED ITEM
555103020 3" NPT 87 oz. 7.31" 4.62" STOCKED ITEM


Heavy Duty Process Units

Some industrial process generate large quantities of contaminants in the process fluids.  Examples of fluids would be oil, gas, coolants and other specialty chemicals.  Other fluids may have a low contaminant density, but are stored and moved and filtered in very large quantities, so the overall load is also high - good examples are fuels, lunbricants, hydraulic and transmission fluids, and even water.

The Magnom™ Process Units are designed specifically to clean and protect such critical process industry applications, with all the necessary handling aids for such large scale filters.


Process Unit

Introduced in 2007, this product is the second largest Magnom™ unit and is the ideal choice for cleaning large volumes of process fluids.

Related Units: Larger - Process Unit-Multi Round; Smaller: Inline Process Unit 20.

Specifically designed for use in heavy industrial situations, the rugged unit comes in two high contaminant capacity [8 lbs. or 16 lbs.] sizes.



Process Unit - Multi Round

Introduced in 2007, this robust product is the largest Magnom™ unit and is the ideal choice for cleaning very large volumes of process fluids.


Inline Units

Inline units are suitable for systems that either have extended cleaning cycles ['fit & forget'] or have low contaminant loads. To clean, the body has to be dismantled [split in two] - this may result in pipe work being dismantled if hard piping rather than flexible piping was used in the installation.

A complete range of inline units exist in a variety of materials, sizes and connection choices. These units have specific design parameters which are suited to their areas of application.

All inline units have "Magnom Inside " filtration and separation technology achieving the removal of fine ferrous material down to less than one micron without pressure drop without wash and maintaining full flow even when full of contaminate.


LF Core Inserts

A range of Magnom™ cores designed to fit inside HYDAC LF series housings - upgrading the units with our revolutionary technology.

Depending upon the housing chosen, the Magnom™ core will either perform independently or in a hybrid configuration with a conventional media filter.



Circuit Protection Unit

Built from Aluminium Alloy or Stainless Steel, the Circuit Protection Unit [CP] is a small 2 core Magnom™ in-line unit.  The CP has a very high pressure capability making it highly suitable for a variety of industrial and hydraulic applications. In particular it is designed to protect key components, such as valves etc in fluid circuits.




The Magnom™ Mini is a compact in-line designed 2 core Magnom™ unit in aluminum alloy. It is highly versatile and is suitable for a variety of applications. It is the ideal choice for critical component protection in smaller transmissions, for use on hydraulic lines, and "on vehicle" automotive systems, including fuel lines.




Built from Aluminium Alloy the Midi is a 2 core Magnom™ in-line unit that has a high pressure capability making it suitable for a variety of industrial and hydraulic applications. The unit has been extremely successful in off highway vehicle transmissions. It provides an excellent combination of contaminant holding capacity, line size (SAE-12), and compactness married to high pressure capability.




The Magnom™ Max has been specifically designed for the needs of the off highway vehicle market.  An in-line design constructed in rugged aluminium alloy this 2 Magnom™ core unit has an excellent contaminant holding capacity despite its compactness and has an SAE-20 thread size. It is the Magnom™ of choice for fitment to many larger off highway vehicle transmissions and hydraulic systems, where it uses the patented Magnom™ technology to provide critical component protection.



Inline Process Unit 20 Core

Designed for heavy duty industrial applications this large Magnom™ unit has a high contaminant holding capacity (up to 4000g) making it the ideal choice for applications and environments with high contaminant levels. It has achieved great success within high viscosity large scale transmission and central lubrication systems, as well as applications with requirements for extended service intervals.



Inline Process Unit 5 Core

Serving the same industries and applications as the larger Inline Process Unit 20 Core, and maintaining the larger unit's unique features and benefits, the 5 Core Inline Process Unit is physically shorter and has been designed for applications with a reduced space envelope. It is also especially suited to less heavily contaminated applications, or where extended service interval design is not a requirement. Despite the units reduced size it still has a large contaminant holding capacity, relative to its size, of 1000g.


Bowl Type Units


Clear 5

The Clear 5 is a brass headed unit that features a clear bowl for easy condition monitoring. The unique design of the Magnom™ core technology enables the monitoring of contaminant build up even with opaque fluids.

The Nylon 12 bowl material allows the Clear 5 to be used in a wide range of temperatures and helps to produce a unit of great versatility. The Clear 5 can also be specified to incorporate stainless steel plates making it ideal for more aqueous applications.



Clear 10

Identical in specification to the Clear 5, and maintaining the Clear 5's design benefits, the Clear 10 has an increased core and bowl length. This enables the capture and retention of more contaminant, up to 450g. This then increases cleaning intervals making the unit most suited to applications with a higher level of contaminant.



Clear 20

Similar in design to the Magnom™ Blue 20, this large 22 core Magnom™ unit has a very high holding capacity making it the ideal choice for high contaminant environments and applications where rough service design is not essential. The unit has proved highly successful in metalworking environments for coolant and cutting oil clean up.

The unit also features a clear SAN bowl that allows easy condition monitoring.



Blue 20

The Magnom™ Blue 20 unit has a very high contaminant holding capacity, up to 4000g. It is an excellent low cost alternative to the Magnom™ Process Unit where there is not a requirement for a very high maximum temperature rating. Having a robust polypropylene bowl the unit is suitable to variety of industrial applications and is ideal for use in Metalworking and EDM where large levels of ferrous contaminant are produced.