Schroeder's complete line of quality filtration elements include: Schroeder's original element designs, BestFit® replacements, Esafe® stand-alone disposable elements, and CoreCentric® coreless repair elements.


Spin-on elements are aptly named.  They consist of a canister with integrated filtering media inside.  The entire assembly threads on to a filter head mounted in-line and is replaced when the element needs to be changed. Spin-ons are commonly used on mobile equipment because of their ease of maintenance.


Schroeder's line of synthetic replacement elements are manufactured with Excellement® Z-Media™. To our customers, this means better efficiencies, lower pressure drops, and higher dirt holding capacities. Excellement®, denoted as Z-Media™, provides cleaner oil, longer element life and less downtime, and outlasts, outperforms, and excels in every measurable benchmark. The Excellement® Z-Media™ series of filter elements have been designed, tested and proven to be the best performing elements available in the market today.


The new DirtCatcher® elements from Schroeder offer a superior alternative to inside-out filtration. The DirtCatcher® utilizes outside-in flow and avoids the seam instability and pleat bunching problems that often occur with inside-out flow. The patent pending outer shell prevents contaminants from falling back into the system during element changes while still providing the excellent dirt retention of Excellement® media. DirtCatcher® elements are currently available in single and double length K-size elements and feature Excellement® media within.

High Collapse

High collapse elements have center tubes that can withstand a differential pressure of 3000 psi or higher. They are commonly used in filter housings without a bypass.


The CoreCentric® Coreless element is an environmentally friendly, all plastic element (no metal parts) that can be crushed, shredded or burned. These alternative methods of disposal will not only greatly reduce solid waste volumes, but also reduce disposal costs simultaneously. CoreCentric® Coreless repair elements are designed to ensure optimum performance and ease of service.


Schroeder manufactures over 1,900 BestFit® Performance Replacement elements designed to provide better filtration that the competitive elements they replace. The BestFit® family consists of standard elements (synthetic, cellulose, metal, and water removal media), Corecentric® Coreless repair elements, and SchroederSpun™ process filtration elements, as well as air breathers and strainers. Styles include both cartridge and spin-on. Most importantly, we offer the easiest way to determine the Schroeder equivalent of more than 40,000 competitive elements using the Best Fit® Cross Reference.

Paper (E Media)

Recognized as one of the industry's most cost effective media available in the marketplace, Schroeder E media is an excellent choice for a wide variety of hydraulic system applications. The E3 media is a specially designed mixture of cellulose and micro-glass, which provides both high dirt holding capacity and high particle capture efficiency, resulting in one of the industry's most cost effective cellulose media.

Metal Mesh (M Media)

Schroeder offers a line of metal reusable elements to meet specific application needs. These rugged elements are constructed of high-strength woven stainless steel wire mesh. The wire mesh and center tube are epoxy-bonded to the end caps. The element design incorporates shallow pleats which provide an efficient flow pattern with optimum pressure drop. In addition, the shallow pleat construction simplifies the cleaning process.

Water Removal (W Media)

Water can cause a host of contamination problems in hydraulic and lubrication systems. It can exist in a system in a dissolved state or in a free state. Schroeder's uniquely designed water removal elements employ a quick-acting water-absorbent polymer, capable of holding over 400 times its own weight in water. These elements are ideal for in-line use, re-circulating filter systems, or portable filter carts.


Lubrication elements are typically employed in large capacity systems to protect sensitive components from the damage that contamination can cause. Lube elements, as they are often called, are usually large in size, have exceedingly high dirt holding capacities, and are often used in multiple quantities. It is advantageous for lube systems to have lengthy times between maintenance shutdowns, thus accounting for the large size and/or quantity of filters present.


GeoSeal ™ is a new patented offering from Schroeder that provides a unique way for OEM's to retain replacement element business and to keep a filter's performance at the level that it was supplied.  The idea is brilliantly simple: the critical sealing arrangement between a filter housing and its replacement element takes on a shape other than the standard circular arrangement.  Specifically, the element grommet and mating bushing are given a new geometric shape.