• Filters for installation in suction pipes
  • Suctions filters with housing for tank mounting
  • Suction filters with housing including automatic shut off valve.
  • Low pressure drop
  • Various filter media available

7 SL, 7 SLS, 50 SL - Replacement Cartridge Filters

Size: 30...260
Maximum operating pressure: 7/50 bar
Maximum flow: 300 / 120 l/min
Nominal size:  7 SL: 30 to 260
7 SLS: 90 to 260
50 SL: 30 to 80 D
Nominal pressure: 7 and/or 50 bar
Connections: Port up to G 1 1/4, SAE 1 1/2" (3000 psi), SAE 20
Operating Temperature: -10 °C to +100 °C (shortly down to -30 °C)


  • Filtration of mineral oils (hydraulic and lubricating oils).
  • Direct installation into pipelines.
  • Direct wear protection for downstream components and systems.
  • Optimized design for use in mobile hydraulics.


  • Filters for inline installation
  • Optimized for mobile hydraulics
  • Installation in suction, pressure and return lines possible
  • 7 SLS version with return flow block, patented and environmentally friendly
  • Flow-optimized version due to 3D computer-supported design
  • Low pressure drop
  • Special highly efficient filter media


Filter head with inlet and outlet as well as holder for one or two replacement cartridges. The filter element is firmly integrated into the tank of the replacement cartridge. 7 SLS: Patented version with integrated isolator valve in the filter head for a leakage-free replacement of the replacement cartridge.

Replacement cartridge:

Replacement cartridge with filter element in pleated design with optimized pleat density and various filter media. The filter element is the most important component of the "filter" system in view of prolonged life and wear protection of the system. The required cleanliness of the operating medium, the initial pressure differential and the dirt holding capacity are the most important criteria for selection.